Pressure Washer Brush Buying Guide

With pressure washer brushes you can add scrubbing power to your pressure cleaning. Designed to eliminate dirt without scratching the surface pressure washer brushes are suitable for conservatories, cars, bikes, boats, caravans, motor homes, mobile homes, tiles, decking, fencing and many other applications.

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Kärcher WB60 Wide Headed Soft Surface Brush

  • Working Width: 248mm
  • Compatability: All K2 – K7 Karcher Pressure Cleaners
  • T-shape

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Kärcher Car Wash Brush

  • Dimensons: 390 x 75mm
  •  Slim Design
  • Weight: 200gr

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Nilfisk Auto Brush with Window Squeegee

  • Dimensions: 394 x 284mm
  • Compatible with all domestic Nilfisk pressure washers except the Nilfisk P150 1-10 B X-Tra
  • Excellent for Windows

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Kärcher WB50 Deluxe Soft Wash Brush

  • Dimensions: 470 x 137mm
  • Compatible with K2-K7 Karcher Pressure Washers
  • Ideal for Vehicles

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Karcher Wheel Rim Brush for Pressure Washers

  •  360 degree water distribution
  • Compatible: All Karcher pressure washers
  • Ideal for wheels, rims, spokes,

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Tips For Buying a Pressure Washer Brush

There are several things to watch out for when purchasing a pressure washer brush.

First of all make sure that the brush is compatible with your pressure washer. Whilst this seems like an obvious thing to say there are many people who buy brushes which are incompatible with their power washer. If you are not sure whether your intended brush fits or not simply contact us with the relevant details and we will be glad to help.

Secondly make sure that the brush is right for the job. For example the Nilfisk Auto Brush with Window Squeegee is much more suitable for cleaning windows than, say, the Karcher Car Wash Brush.

Sometimes when receiving a new brush the bristles may seem frayed. Ensure that this is meant to be so as several brush models are manufactured with this feature for better cleaning. The idea being that dirt will stick better to frayed-like bristles than smooth ones.

Upon finishing your project dry the brush before storing it away. Be careful that no heavy objects are placed upon the brush or the bristles. Many domestic pressure washers feature onboard storage which allows you to store your lances and brushes etc out of harms way.



Pressure Washer Brush Buying Guide
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Pressure Washer Brush Buying Guide
A super easy to follow buying guide for pressure washer brushes.