Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer Review

Now we’re talking! The Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer is THE job for domestic pressure washer work (and we don’t say that lightly!).

With features such as the 5 year warranty, an Eco rotary switch that reduces water and energy usage by 20% and a sturdy aluminium pump head combined with the Karcher brand you just know that you are buying a quality product.

Just in case you didn’t know an aluminium pump head is preferable to the cheaper plastic pump heads which can crack more easily. The extra power combined with the aluminium pump head makes the Karcher K4 series much more preferable over the K2 or K3 series.

Anyhow the Karcher K4 Premium Eco Home pressure washer has a lot to offer so let’s get into the details.

Karcher K4 Premium Eco Home Features 

Main Features

  • 130 bar pressure
  • 420 water flow (litres / hour)
  • 1800w motor
  • Plug & clean detergent intake
  • Eco switch reduces water and energy consumption by 20%

As you can see the above features are more powerful than the lighter Karcher pressure cleanersThis means that while the lighter pressure washers will also do jobs such as cleaning decking, patios and driveways etc the Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer will not only do the job better but it will also do it faster.

Other Features

  • Water cooled motor
  • Aluminium pump head
  • Quick connect system for hose
  • Plug & clean system for detergents
  • Can work from pond, bucket or water butt etc
  • Vario lance which varies water pressure
  • Dirt blaster lance
  • T350 Patio Cleaner
  • Ecologic universal detergent dial to regulate amount of detergent used
  • 6m high pressure hose
  • Easy kink free hose storage
  • Trigger gun storage
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sturdy wheels for easy transportation
  • Cleans 15m² per half hour (50% more than the Karcher K2 series).

As you can see from the above list the K4 Premium Eco Home pressure washer features are many. However some need to be explained in more detail so that you know exactly what you are buying.

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Water Cooled Motor

The best pressure washers benefit from a water-cooled induction motor which gives enhanced performance and a longer motor life.

Basically what happens is that as water is fed into the pressure washer it directs around the motor to act as a coolant before it is sprays out through the high pressure hose. this eliminates the need for a cooling fan and the power such a fan would absorb. Karcher pressure washers with a water-cooled motor have a longer warranty for this reason.

Aluminium Pump Head

Plastic and aluminium manifolds are used in domestic pressure washers with brass and stainless steel manifolds typically used for commercial machines.

Cheaper domestic pressure washers contain a plastic pump which can crack and wear much more easily than an aluminium pump head. Plastic pump heads can handle around 100-110 bars of pressure while aluminium can handle pressure between 150-200 bar.

Therefore an aluminium manifold is the prefered version for a domestic pressure washer.

Cleans 15m² per half hour

The Karcher K4 series cleans at least 50% faster than the Karcher K2 series however some reviewers have stated that this figure is actually understated and that the K4 series cleans at least 75% if not 100% faster than the K2 series. See the comment in the reviews below.


Several reviewers mentioned that assembly and set up is not a problem with the K4 generally being set up in 10 minutes. bear in mind that Karchers instruction manuals only consist of diagrams so there is no written instruction on how to assemble the pressure washer.

This has led several people to assemble the pressure washer incorrectly initially so their set up time took longer than 10 minutes.

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Box Contains

  • Vario lance
  • Dirtblaster
  • T350 Patio Cleaner
  • Eco Universal Plug & Clean Detergent
  • Trigger Gun
  • Suction Hose & Filter
  • 6m Eco High Pressure Hose


Karcher are really standing behind the quality of the Kärcher K4 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer with a massive 5 year warranty.

Obviously Karcher are confident about the quality of the K4 Premium Eco Home and this comes as no surprise as each Karcher pressure washer is individually tested before leaving the factory.


It is testament to Karcher’s quality that the Karcher K4 Premium Eco Home Pressure Washer rates 4.5 /5 from around 400 reviews. Let’s have a read what past purchasers have said:

  • “overall my opinion is that this unit is very powerful and will be ideal for any job outside the house”
  • “This is a great tool. Did the job in a tenth of the time of a conventional power washer. Well recommended”
  • “The K4 Premium is a first class machine, easy to assemble”
  • “Ive had a Karcher Washer For allmost 40Years, And its still working at top pressure”
  • “It also does a great job on concrete ,paving slabs and garden decking with variable power adjustments to suit”
  • “Compact powerful unit the storage of the the hose is an improvement on my previous unit”
  • “The cleaning area on the description of 15m2/30mins is really underrated, I would say you can probably double this”

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