Wolf Pressure Washer Review 200 BAR, 3000psi- Its a Beast!

Wolf pressure washer review uk driveway patio garage domestic industrial* Note that the 200 Bar model is currently unavailable but click here to view the Wolf 220 bar model*

The Wolf 200 Bar pressure washer is the ideal pressure washer if you are looking for a professional domestic pressure washer.

The Wolf comes at the fraction of the price of other professional pressure washers and is perfect for cleaning patios, garages , sheds and driveways which have not been treated in some time.

Although most domestic pressure washers are electricity driven this Wolf model provides lots of versatility in the domestic environment. Of course the Wolf is also ideal for light commercial and industrial work.

Let’s start this Wolf pressure washer review by briefly looking at the features and specifications before explaining each item in detail.

Features and Specs of the Wolf 200 Bar Pressure Washer

  • 6.5HP 4 stroke petrol engine
  • 200 Bar (3000 PSI) pressure
  • Delivers 8 litres water / minute
  • 4 quick fit nozzles for different sprays
  • Heavy duty lance
  • 6 metre high pressure hose
  • Detergent suction tube
  • All terrain wheels
  • Low oil level shut down
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Weighs 37 Kg
  • Dimensions: W 45cm x L 50cm x H 79cm
  • Can work from water main or tank

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  • Great price
  • Excellent pressure and delivery
  • Works from mains or tank
  • Faster than electric pressure washers
  • Rates 4.3/5 on Amazon
  • Looks great


  • High operating volume
  • Can sometimes arrive damaged
  • Lacking pneumatic tyres
  • Short high pressure hose

Several negative reviews on Amazon have stated that the unit arrived a little damaged. Pressure washers, like any machine, can get knocked in transit and if you are unhappy with the item we are sure that the seller will replace your damaged item.

Also the Wolf pressure washer comes with a 6 metre high pressure hose which may be a little short for your liking. Please note that a 10 metre hose is available on Amazon but be very careful about which 10 metre hose you buy as some people have bought the wrong hose which doesn’t fit.

200 Bar (3000 PSI ) PressureWolf Pressure Washer review petrol 200 bar domestic commercial industrial

200 bar pressure is issued when the Wolf pressure washer is running at full power. Note that there are several settings so if you use a lower setting less power will be used.

The Wolf’s pressure range is ideal for tough domestic work such as preparing an external wall for painting or getting tough stains from garage floors or driveways.

8 Litres Per Minute Flow Rate

The flow rate of 8 litres per minute is very good and equates to 480 litres per hour.

This flow rate will ensure that there is not only plenty of water for cleaning but also for washing away removed dirt etc.

6.5HP 4 Stroke Engine

This size engine complements the Wolf pressure washer’s pressure and flow rate very well. There is lots of power to keep the pressure working at full power on the toughest jobs.

Petrol pressure washers tend to be louder than electric pressure washers and this is an issue that you may want to bear in mind.

Low Oil Level Shut Down

Just like your car engine the Wolf pressure washer engine needs to be lubricated with oil.

As a safety feature Wolf have installed a low oil level shut down mechanism which, as the name implies, stops the pressure washer from working when the oil level gets to low. Simply top up the oil level to recommence operation.

Detergent Suction Tube

For the best cleaning of cars, bikes and motor cycles etc you need to apply some detergent first. The detergent suction tube allows the Wolf pressure washer to pump out detergent before you attack the dirt with clean water.

Other uses for the detergent suction tube are for the cleaning of grime and grease stains on driveways and garage floors as well as for cleaning plastic furniture etc.

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Wolf pressure washer review 200 bar 3000 psi nozzle petrol4 Quick Fit Nozzles 

The heavy-duty lance comes with 4 quick fit nozzles for different types of sprays. The sprays are;

  • Pencil
  • Jet
  • Fan
  • Detergent

As can be gathered from the names the pencil spray is the toughest spray which narrows the water flow into a very small area. The Jet spray is a lighter spray for a larger area and the fan spray is softer still and it suitable for larger more delicate jobs.

The detergent spray allows you to spray detergent such as when cleaning cars and bikes etc.

As you can see there is plenty of versatility at play here.

All Terrain Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are found on more expensive pressure washers and allows the unit to move over rough terrain more easily than ordinary wheels.

While this Wolf pressure washer does not feature pneumatic wheels it is important to realise that the units 8 inch wheels are perfectly suitable for domestic or light commercial and industrial work.

Easy Set Up

The unit is very easy to set up and initial set up takes very little time especially by people who have no experience of putting together a petrol pressure washer.

Final Thoughts

We think that this Wolf pressure washer is great value as it gives you a professional model for a fraction of the price.

With a good mix of pressure and flow rate this pressure washer should be able to tackle all of your domestic jobs with ease. From washing cars to preparing external walls for painting this unit will do it all.

In fact you will be hard pushed to find another domestic pressure washer like the Wolf at this price.


There are a lot of people buying this Wolf pressure washer and currently there are 140 reviews on Amazon which rate the unit at 4.3/5.

Here are what people who have bought the Wolf pressure washer are saying;

  • “I’ve owned other makes of pressure washer and this is by far the best washer I’ve used”
  • “am delighted with it, particularly as it seems well constructed and great value”
  • “Probably 10 plus hours of use in a couple of weeks and can’t fault it! Starts first time no problem”
  • “Awesome bit of kit. Very powerful! Cleans car extremely well!!
  • “Different kettle of fish compared to the poor Karchers I’ve had in the past”
  • “Exceeds all my expectations took the paint off my wheels oops very powerful”
  • “Really good power washer. Not too heavy to move around and does cleaning jobs so easy”

There are some negative reviews of course and some of these reviews warn that the pressure hose can melt if it sits on the hot exhaust pipe. This problem can easily be fixed by keeping the hose away from the exhaust or by placing cable ties on the hose.

In conclusion we strongly recommend that you consider this Wolf pressure washer for purchase as you get a professional pressure washer for the price of a domestic washer.

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If you have any questions about the Wolf pressure washer just ask in the comment below and we will do our best to answer them.

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