Kärcher K7 Premium Eco Home Water-Cooled Pressure Washer Review

Karcher k7 pressure washer review pressurewasher-reviewsThe Karcher K7 Eco Home Pressure Washer is the ultimate Karcher Domestic pressure washer which features a 5 year warranty to allay any worries that you may have about purchasing this great product.

As indicated by the name the K7 features bigger and better components than other domestic Karcher Pressure Washers and will take care of all domestic type jobs as well as smaller commercial and industrial work.

This top spec pressure washer comes with great area coverage, flow rate and pressure as well as a host of accessories.

The Karcher K7 pressure washer is a tad expensive but as with most things in life you get what you pay for.

We will start this review with a quick summary of the features and specifications of the Karcher K7 before covering the main points in detail.

Note: The new Karcher k7 Premium Full Control model can be found here.

Specifications and Features of the Karcher K7 Eco Home

  • 2800 watts power
  • 8.33 litre flow rate per minute
  • 160 bar pressure
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Aluminium pump head
  • 8m high pressure hose
  • Quick connect system
  • Eco switch
  • Water butt, bucket or pond compatible
  • Plug ‘n Clean system
  • 5m cord
  • Weighs 22.2kg
  • Measures 96.8 x 40.4 x 46.1 cm
  • Host of accessories (described below)
  • Operating volume: 80-96 db(A)

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  • Great brand name
  • Powerful
  • Aluminium pump head
  • Eco switch
  • 5 year warranty


  • Not cheap (but you get what you pay for)

Powerful Karcher Pressure Washer Karcher k7 pressure washer review driveway garage pressurewasher-reviews

2800 Watts

The Karcher K7 pressure washer comes with 2800 watts of power. Combined with the flow rate and pressure output 2800 watts places the K7 as a top of the range domestic pressure washer which can also be used for light commercial and industrial work.

Flow Rate

The fast flow rate of 8.33 litres per minute is on part with petrol type pressure washers such as the Wolf 200 bar pressure washer. The faster the flow rate the faster you can get through the job.

160 Bar Pressure

The bar pressure is a little lower than the pressure found on petrol pressure washers but 160 bar pressure is fine for any domestic job that you will encounter.

Cleaning Rate

The above figures will allow you to clean approximately 30 square meters in about 30 minutes.

Water-Cooled Motor

As cold water is taken into the K7 pressure washer it is lead through pipes which surround the motor before being ejected through the high pressure hose. This system allows the motor to keep cool during even the toughest job.

Aluminium Pump Head

Aluminium pump heads are stronger than plastic pump head and so are less likely to crack.

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Karcher k7 pressure washer review pressurewasher-reviews buildings strip paint external wallsQuick Connect System

The Karcher K7 Premium Eco pressure washer comes with a quick connect system which allows you to easily change the various attachments that come with the unit.

A great use of the quick connect system is when you are using a detergent to remove dirt and grime from a car and want to change to a clear water lance to spray the detergent away.

These attachments include:

  • Vario Lance
  • Dirtblaster
  • T400 T-racer Patio Cleaner
  • Universal Eco Plug & Clean Detergent
  • Suction Hose & Filter

The vario lance allows you to set the spray from a fine spray to a very powerful jet that can pinpoint dirt in corners etc. Simply twist the nozzle to change the type of spray.

The dirt blaster provides a strong rotating point jet which is ideal for use on weather worn surfaces.

The patio cleaner comes with an integrated handle so that the unit can also be used on garage doors, caravans, motor homes etc. It also comes with a power nozzle for cleaning corners and edges.

The plug and clean feature allows you to attach a bottle of Karcher detergent directly onto the machine and provides lots of suds to remove grime and dirt from cars, bikes, caravans, motor homes and many more items before washing away with clean water.

Karcher K7 Eco Switch

You can set the Karcher K7 Eco to ‘on’ or to ‘eco’. The eco switch allows for water and energy savings of up to 20% when you use the spray lance.

The eco setting is ideal for cars, bikes, outdoor furniture, gates, fences, decking, sheds, rock walls and much more.

Plug ‘N’ Clean

Karcher have developed an excellent Plug ‘N’ Clean system which allows you to attach the detergent bottle to the pressure washer with locking lids.

Box Contains Karcher K7 pressure washer review pressurewasher-reviews car motor bike caravan motorhome gutter garage door conservatory

1 x Premium Eco Pressure Washer
1 x Vario lance
1 x Dirtblaster
1 x T450 T-racer patio cleaner
1 x Eco Universal Plug and Clean detergent
1 x Trigger gun
1 x Suction hose and filter
1 x 10 m Eco high pressure hose


Karcher knows that it has created a quality product and while many other pressure washers come with warranties of 1, 2 or 3 years the Karcher K7 Premium Eco comes with a massive 5 year warranty.

You can certainly buy the Karcher K7 with confidence.

Final Thoughts

First of all we really like the look of the Karcher K7 Premium Eco pressure washer as it really does look like the king of pressure washers.

The range of accessories combined with the power of the K7 make the unit ideal for every domestic job. We would be surprised to hear of a domestic job that the k7 can’t handle.

Features such as the water-cooled engine as well as the aluminium pump head will allow for continuous performance when working on tough jobs. They will also attribute significantly to a long life span of the K7.

We really like the ‘Eco’ feature which allows a double whammy of savings on running costs.

All in all we are very happy to recommend the Karcher K7 Premium Eco pressure washer for purchase. The price might be a little high for some but if you want a versatile, high quality machine it is worth spending the extra money.

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The Karcher Premium Eco K7 currently rates 4.5/5 on Amazon from 135 reviews.

Here is what purchasers are saying;

  • “easy to use Many additional parts included to make tasks easier.A GREAT BUY”
  • “Best pressure washer I’ve ever had 10 out of 10”
  • “Cleaned my patio in 2 hr!! The Job would have taken all day with my old pressure washer!”
  • “The Karcher K7 is a very good piece of equipment and despite being 84 years of age I find it easy to handle”
  • “I can seriously get on with bigger jobs around the outside of the property”
  • “Good and strong. Great pressure which is making all the difference from the K2”
  • “With out doubt the best power washer I’ve ever used, incredible power to clean”

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