7 Best Pressure Washers UK 2017

Best Pressure Washers7 Best Pressure Washers UK 2017

This quick guide will let you select a pressure washer in minutes not in hours or days.

It’s no secret that Karcher is the market leader in pressure washers in the UK. This is especially true on Amazon where Karcher pressure washers have many more reviews than other pressure washer brands.

However Karcher pressure washers are not necessarily the best choice of pressure washer all the time.

When choosing a pressure washer you can choose between electric and petrol pressure washers and as you can see below we have some very interesting choices for petrol pressure washers.

A Professional Pressure Washer At A Very Good Price Wolf Pressure Washer review petrol 200 bar domestic commercial industrial

1. Wolf 200 Bar Heavy Duty Petrol Pressure Washer 

The Wolf 200 Bar Heavy Duty Petrol Pressure Washer is really a professional pressure washer available at the price of a good domestic pressure washer.

The Wolf can handle any domestic job no matter how tough and not only that, it will finish the job very quickly.

With it’s 6.5HP 4 stroke engine, 8 litres per minute flow rate and 200 bar pressure the Wolf is a formidable beast on the cleaning battlefield.

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The Peoples Choice (Best Seller By A Mile) Karcher K2 Compact Home Pressure Washer Review

2. Karcher K2 Compact Air-Cooled Pressure Washer

The Karcher K2 Compact is, as the name suggests, a small pressure washer but one that is also very affordable.

The Karcher K2 can handle most domestic type jobs although it may take a little longer to get through them than larger spec pressure washers.

You can buy the Karcher K2 Compact as a standalone unit or with various combinations of brushes, detergents and cleaning kits.

Given the affordability and ability on domestic jobs it’s easy to see why this unit is the most popular model on the UK pressure washer market.

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The King of Electric Pressure Washers Karcher K7 pressure washer

3. Karcher k7 Premium Full Control Pressure Washer

We really liked the Karcher K7 Premium Eco pressure washer but Karcher have gone one better with the Full Control version.

This pressure washer comes with a LED display on the trigger gun which allows you to select the best pressure for the surface that you are cleaning!

There is also a 5 year (yes, that’s correct) warranty which shows Karchers confidence in this king of electric pressure washers.

As always with Karcher pressure washers you can combine the pressure washer with various brushes, cleaning kits and detergents to make a truly flexible unit that can service any domestic or light industrial job.

You really need to read more about this fabulous machine.

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Plenty of Power For Professional Use Hyundai petrol pressure washer best review

4. Hyundai 3000 PSI 7HP Petrol Power Washer

This Hyundai petrol pressure washer comes with a very powerful 7 HP 4 stroke Hyundai IC210 motor for the ultimate cleaning experience.

The pump is a heavy-duty Annovi Reverberi (AR) and makes this unit ideal for professional use. There is also a thermal relief valve to regulate the pump temperature.

The soap dispenser allows the machine to pull up detergent or soap through the unit which allows the operator to keep on working instead of having to mix the detergent by hand.

The Hyundai pressure washer also comes with its fabled turbo nozzle which can save up tp 25% from cleaning time!

If you can afford it, get it!

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A Real Karcher Alternative Nilfisk CP110 pressure washer review vs karcher pressurewasher-reviews

5. Nilfisk C110 4-5 X-Tra Pressure Washer with 1400 W Motor

We think the Nilfisk range of pressure washers is really great and view the units as a real alternative to buying a Karcher pressure washer. In fact we have compared the Karcher K2 Compact to the Nilfisk C110 pressure washer.

The Nilfisk C110 features a 1400w motor, a 440 litre per  hour water flow rate and 110 bar pressure. These figures make the Nilfisk C110 ideal for basic domestic use such as washing cars, paths, patios etc.

While Nilfisk pressure washers look fairly plain it’s what lies underneath the hood that counts and when you want to remove dirt and grime this Nilfisk pressure washer will do a great job.

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Ultra Powerful and Ultra Strong Kiam KM3700P 14hp Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer review best buy uk 2016 2017 2018

6. Kiam KM3700P 14hp Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer 

Forget about using the Kiam KM pressure washer for domestic work this machine is designed purely for industrial and commercial work.

The power supplied by the 14 horse power 4 stroke air-cooled engine (which is mounted on anti-vibration shocker absorbers, 3700 psi and a water flow of a massive 15 litres per minute is enormous and is ideal for the big jobs such as washing the sides of commercial buildings, tackling very large driveways and parking areas.

There are also a load of features including auto shut off which ensures the Kiam KM3700P pressure washer can not run on a low oil level. Click below to read about the many features and accessories.

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Be In Control With Full Control Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer review best buy uk 2016 2017 2018

7. Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer 

For our final selection we are back with the Karcher K4 Full Control pressure washer. Like the Karcher K7 above the K4 also features a LED display pressure gun giving you the optimum pressure for the surface.

The unit is very versatile and as per usual with the Karcher range you can select a range of detergents, brushes and cleaners to suit your own needs.

Karcher stands behind this model with a very good 3 year warranty so you can buy with certainty.

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Best Pressure Washer UK 2017

The aim of using a pressure washer is to do a great cleaning job without having to spend hours pressure washing which results in a sore hand from holding the gun.

For this reason we really like the Karcher K7 premium Full Control as it is large enough so that it can handle any domestic job without taking an eternity to do it.

For a true industrial or commercial pressure washer we would recommend the Kiam KM3700P Industrial Pressure Washer as the 3700 psi, 15 litre per minute flow and 14HP 4 stroke engine generate a lot of power. These features coupled with the brass 3 piston triplex pump, variable control throttle and power coated heavy-duty frame with anti-vibrate shock absorbers make this unit a must buy.

Do you already own a pressure washer? What brand is it and what do you think of it? let us know in the comments below.


7 Best Pressure Washers UK 2017
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7 Best Pressure Washers UK 2017
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