Lavor Thermic 17HW Pressure Washer Review

The Lavor Thermic 17HW pressure washer is an absolute beast and one of the most powerful pressure washers that you can easily buy.

The Lavor Thermic 17HW  Pressure Washer is suitable for large commercial work including agriculture, property, tractors and other large machinery, factories, steelworks, cement plants and much more.

Featuring a diesel combustion engine you just know that the Lavor Thermic 17HW delivers plenty of power ensuring even the toughest jobs are dealt with quickly and efficiently. However the powerful engine is not the only highlight of this dirt buster. Let’s take a look at the features of this powerful machine.

Lavor Thermic 17HW Features and Specifications 

  • 200 bar operating pressure
  • 1320 l p/h flow rate
  • 3 ceramic pistons
  • Brass linear pump head with build in by-pass valve
  • By-pass thermal protection
  • 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine
  • Electrical start
  • Integrated electric generator 1.5kW
  • Lombardini 15LD400 diesel engine (air cooled)
  • Belt driven pump (1,450 RPM)
  • Automatic engine RPM regulator
  • Tool Socket max 1.5 kW
  • Integrated detergent suction with external suction probe
  • Front panel with engine function led and automatic power cut-off
  • Unique tank for diesel engine and burner
  • Battery included
  • Motor LOMBARDINI 15LD400/17
  • Lance 900 mm stainless steel lance with quick connection
  • Nozzle H.p. Nozzle d. 0.75
  • Hose 10 m R1 high pressure hose
  • Max. Water Inlet Temperature: 40°C
  • Max. Water Temperature: 140°C
  • Pressure regulator
  • Glicerine pressure gauge

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No Electricity Supply Needed lavor thermic 17HW pressure washer review uk

A great benefit of the Lavor Thermic 17HW is that the unit can be used in areas where there is no electricity supply.  The advantage is that this pressure washer is mobile for use all over the plant or farm yard for degreasing without having to worry about being near a power supply.

Other benefits include a by-pass valve on the brass pump head which lengthens the units life, as well as a hot water spray of up to 140°C which, when combined with the detergent intake and 22 litre per minute water flow, will degrease any plant or agricultural equipment with a minimum of fuss.

Who It Is For

This self contained unit is ideal for large professional operations where mobility of a pressure washer is essential. Whether for industrial or commercial use the Lavor Thermic 17HW will clean even the toughest stains.

Despite it’s hefty price professional purchasers can probably depreciate the purchase over the life of the unit however check with your accountant first.

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