Shipping Large Parcels to Ireland

shipping large packages items Ireland UK Amazon John Lewis ASOSWhen purchasing large items from websites such as Irish shoppers are often confronted with messages such as ‘this item does not ship to your country‘.

Shipping large parcels to Ireland used to be an expensive endeavour however now a variety of options exist.One inexpensive way to get around this is to use a postal service such as Parcel Motel.

If you purchase a pressure washer from Amazon for example you can ship to Parcel Motel’s base in County Antrim for free via Amazon. Once Parcel Motel receives the package they will then courier the parcel to the nearest Parcel Motel locker in your town.

Shipping Large Parcels To Ireland

Simply follow the steps below to see how the process works.

  1. Register with Parcel Motel
  2. Shop on Amazon
  3. Check out with Parcel Motel’s Antrim address and Parcel Motel Identification Number (PMID)
  4. Your parcel will be delivered to your nearest Parcel Motel locker
  5. You will then be send a unique and secure PIN via mobile phone
  6. You can then open your locker in your own time using the above PIN

Parcel Motel Costshipping large items parcels Ireland UK Amazon pressure washer reviews

From personal experience we can tell you that Parcel Motel is a very cost friendly way of shipping large parcels to Ireland. Delivery costs start at €3.95 and our sister site has been quoted this price for shipping large dehumidifiers to Ireland.

Collect When It Suits

A great advantage of using a service such as Parcel Motel is that you can collect your package whenever it suits. There’s no more conforming to post office opening times which is a boon if you are working 9 – 5. Access to your designated locker is 24/7 and lockers are placed in convenient locations such as shopping centres, petrol stations and train stations etc.

Click Here To Find Your Nearest Parcel Motel Locker

So next time Amazon or another UK website tells you that an item can’t be shipped to Ireland, or that shipping costs are very expensive, you know what to do. Get in touch with Parcel Motel.


Shipping Large Parcels To Ireland
Article Name
Shipping Large Parcels To Ireland
A very cost effective way to ship items to Ireland even if websites say that they don't ship to Ireland.

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