Nilfisk Poseidon 3-26 XT Pressure Washer Review (with induction motor!)

nilfish poseidon 3-26XT commercial pressure washer review home garden officeNilfisk is one of our favourite pressure washer brands which is available in the UK. The Nilfisk Poseidon 3-26 XT is one of the largest pressure washers in the Nilfisk range.

Nilfisk always try to make their products as good as possible and in the case of pressure washers they fit almost all of their washers with metal pumps. Typically pressure washer companies try to save money by fitting their pressure washers with cheaper parts such as plastic pumps. With Nilfisk you can expect quality.

The Poseidon 3-26 XT is a fairly strong pressure washer suitable for heavy-duty domestic work or light commercial work.

The Nilfisk Poseidon 3-26XT is roughly equivalent to the Karcher K7.

While the Nilfisk’s wattage is slightly larger than the Karcher K7 (3000w vs 2800w) the water flow is slightly lower (570l p/h vs 600l p/h).

Features and Specifications

  • 150 bar pressure
  • 570 litres per hour water flow
  • 3000w induction motor
  • Brass pump
  • High power lance with HP nozzle
  • Auto stop/start function
  • Stainless steel pistons
  • Detergent injector hose
  • 15m steel reinforced high pressure hose
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Commercial trigger gun set
  • Robust pulley system
  • Integrated wheels and hose reel system
  • 1 year warranty

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Who This Is For commercial industrial pressure washer domestic nilfisk poseidon 3-26 XT

The Nilfisk Poseidon 3-26 XT pressure washer is ideal for those looking for a powerful domestic or light commercial electric pressure washer.

Domestic tasks could include getting rid of heavy stains on driveways, patios and garages as well as eliminating graffiti from walls. Light commercial jobs could include washing buildings, outhouses, outside areas, tractors and other farm machinery etc.

A great benefit for commercial and agricultural work is the 15m high pressure hose which allows for greater reach than that of domestic pressure washers.

The Poseidon 3-26 XT is too strong for lighter domestic work such as washing garden furniture or bicycles. In fact a great tip is that when using the 3-26 XT for domestic purposes hold the nozzle at least 3 feet away from the surface being cleaned as the spray can be very powerful.

Brass Pump

Another benefit, and a great sign of quality, is the brass pump which has a longer life than plastic pumps which tend to crack and split more often.

The pistons are made of stainless steel which, again, give a longer life than pistons made of lesser materials.

nilfisk poseidon 3-26 XT pressure washer domestic commercial agricultural industrial brass pump induction  motorPricing

The current price is in line with smaller commercial / large domestic pressure washers. You are paying for the reliability of a brass pump, the stainless steel pistons, the numerous features and a great brand name which is known for quality.

In fact Nilfisk has many outlets around the country where you can bring your pressure washer for a service or repair if so needed.

Box Contains

  • Poseidon 3-26XT Pressure Washer
  • Intergrated chemical tank
  • Lance set with Gun
  • 15 Metre high pressure hose
  • Hose reel

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a powerful domestic or light industrial pressure washer the Poseidon 3-26 XT will do the job without any problems. The Nilfisk name guarantees that.

The only slight negative of this pressure washer is that it is a cold water pressure washer which wouldn’t be as effective as more expensive hot water pressure washers.


The Nilfisk Poseidon 3-26 XT is a popular pressure washer and many positive reviews are left all over the web. This particular pressure washer is rather new on Amazon however we are sure that many reviews will be left over time.

Here are some current reviews for the Poseidon 3-26 XT.

  • Very quiet machine with lots of features 
  • t has plenty of power yet is still portable. Ideal for cleaning patios and footpaths. So far I rate it highly.
  • if used to close to walls, decking and concrete it will strip the paint .
  • spend the little extra this is the best jet wash I’ve had by far 
  • Top Kit

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