Powerplus POWXG9008 Petrol Pressure Washer Review

powerplus powxg9008 pressure washer reviewThe Powerplus POWXG9008 Petrol Pressure Washer is a true all-rounder enabling you to perform any task with ease. Due to its high power jobs like cleaning walls, driveways, patios and garages etc will take much less time, and leave you with a cleaner surface, than if you were to use a low power electric pressure washer.

The great benefit of petrol pressure washers is that no power supply is required so you can move around freely without the restrain of a power lead.

The Powerplus POWXG9008 uses an eco driver 4 stroke power engine which equals high performance and low petrol use.

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Powerplus POWXG9008 Features


  • 206 bar pressure
  • 626l p/h water flow
  • 3,000 RPM

You can tell from the above figures that the POWXG9008 is a very powerful pressure washer. Although it is powerful this pressure washer can handle any domestic job as well as light and medium industrial or commercial work.

Low Oil Alert

The Powerplus POWXG9008 has a low oil alert features. If the oil level reaches a critical level the pressure washer will stop working to ensure that no damage is caused to the motor.

4 Nozzles powerplus powxg9008 pressure washer review nozzles detergent spray

Four nozzles are included for use with the steel tube trigger gun. Each coloured nozzle has its own application.

The red nozzle delivers a powerful pinpoint stream.

The yellow nozzle provides a strong 50 degree spray.

The white 40 degree nozzle is suitable for most cleaning jobs and the black low pressure nozzle should be for cleaning with detergent.

Detergent Tank

The Powerplus POWXG9008 comes with a fitted 1.13 litre detergent tank.

Also included is a detergent suction tube which can be used for two purposes;

  1. if you need to use more detergent than the fitted detergent tank can provide
  2. if you want to use another type of detergent

You can simply run the detergent suction tube from the POWXG9008 into a bucket or other container placed next to the pressure washers for extra or new detergent.

High Pressure Hose

The high pressure hose that comes with this unit is a handy 7.6 meters long.

Trolley Frame and Wheels

The well-balanced trolley frame is composed of steel and features build-in hose storage as well as the above mentioned detergent tank.

As with almost all petrol pressure washers the wheels are all-terrain wheels.


It is obvious that Powerplus is confident of the quality of their machines as the Powerplus POWXG9008 comes with a 3 year home user warranty.

powerplus powxg9008 pressure power washer review Who Is It For

The Powerplus POWXG9008 petrol pressure washers is suitable for anyone looking for a powerful pressure washer that can remove items such as stubborn graffiti, oil stains to those that want to clean farm machinery and degrease plant machinery.

Final Thoughts

We think that the Powerplus POWXG9008 represents great value for money. The 3 year warranty shows just how confident Powerplus are about the quality of this unit and the petrol efficient Eco driven motor is the icing on the cake. So now you can have your cake and it too!


We are surprised to see that there aren’t more reviews of the POWXG9008 pressure washer on Amazon although we have an inkling that people who buy these type of pressure washers tend not to leave reviews. Of the reviews which are there it is interesting to note that purchasers have only rated the unit 4/5 or 5/5 giving an average satisfaction rating of 90%.

Here is what they are saying;

  • “It starts really easily, is relatively economical, and most importantly it is very powerful”
  • “Good powerful machine arrived on time makes the electric ones seem like toys”
  • “Very powerful spray – so glad I bought a petrol-powered one and not an electric model”
  • “great machine, easy start and very powerful making cleaning drives a lot quicker”
  • “Very powerful and easy to use – comfortable when using for a long time”

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