Wolf 220 Bar Petrol Pressure Washer Review 6.5HP

wolf 220 bar pressure washer reviewThe Wolf 220 bar pressure washer is constructed of a strong steel frame, a 6.5 HP 4 stroke petrol engine and all-terrain wheels. This set up ensures durability as well as mobility for any job whether domestic or commercial.

This unit is extremely well-balanced and the handle allows you to pull the pressure washer with ease when transporting the pressure washer from one area to another.

The yellow/black trademark colours dominate however the quality of this unit is easily visible. Not only does the Wolf 220 bar pressure washer show its quality it also comes with a range of accessories.

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Wolf 220 Bar Pressure Washer Features

  • 220 bar pressure
  • 540 litres /hour water flow
  • 6.5HP petrol engine

You can tell that by the main features above that this is a very powerful pressure washer. To put this in perspective the bar pressure is double that of smaller domestic pressure washers such as the Karcher K2 and the Nilfisk C110 units.

By using the Wolf 22 bar pressure washer on domestic jobs such as cleaning driveways and patios etc you will not only complete the job much faster than if you used a smaller pressure washer but the result will also be a lot better especially if you are trying to get rid of oil or grease stains or stubborn graffiti.

Petrol Engine wolf 220 bar pressure washer rear view review pressurewasher-reviews

The Wolf 220 bar pressure washer uses a 6.5 HP 4 stroke petrol engine for its power. The engine size is perfectly adequate for the cleaning pressure and flow that the Wolf 220 Bar provides.

The big advantage of petrol pressure washers is the fact that the unit is very mobile as there is no electricity restraint.

Also if you want more pressure you can increase the engine speed.

Nozzles and Hose

The Wolf 220 Bar comes with a range of 5 quick fit nozzles which include a 0° pencil jet and 15°, 25° and 40° nozzles. A detergent nozzle is also included which is great if you want to use soapy water fo cleaning vehicles for example.

The 0° pencil jet is used for laser sharp accuracy and the removal of very tough stains. The main nozzle that you would use for most jobs is the 40° nozzle.

The high pressure hose measures 6 metres long.

Body and Wheels

The body is constructed of a robust durable steel frame while the wheels feature all-terrain pneumatic tyres.


This Wolf pressure washer comes with a 2 year warranty.

Who Is It For

The Wolf 220 bar pressure washer is an ideal pressure washer for both domestic and commercial applications. if you have any size patio, garage or driveway at all then you should strongly consider the Wolf 220 bar as your work time will be much reduced than if you are using a smaller pressure washer. You’ll get a better job too (just watch the mortar in paving slabs by reducing the pressure a little).

Final Thoughts

A 6.5 Hp engine combined with a well balanced pressure washer that gives 220 bar pressure will make any pressure washing job easy as pie. We’ve looked at a few Wolf pressure washers now and we love them all. Recommended especially at this price.


At time of writing the Wolf 200 bar pressure washer is out of stock on amazon so it looks as though the listing has been replaced with the Wolf 220 bar pressure washer. For this reason there aren’t too many reviews yet but every review so far on the net has a 100% satisfaction rate.

Here are what some Wolf 220 bar pressure washer purchasers have to say.

  • “I would recommend this to anyone, plenty of power and cleans very well”
  • “Excellent! Don’t have nothing else to say better than that!”
  • “I have cleaned my patio and block paving in a much sorter time”

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