Waspper W2100HA Petrol Pressure Washer Review

waspper w2100ha petrol gas pressure washerWaspper has a great name for providing heavy-duty pressure washers and the Waspper W2100HA Petrol Pressure Washer shows exactly why Waspper has such a great name.

Waspper pressure washers are designed to operate at low temperatures combined with low petrol usage and durability.

The quality of the Waspper W2100HA can be seen in the reviews on Amazon where the W2100HA rates with a 100% satisfaction rate!

Did you know that the W2100HA is suitable for both domestic and commercial work?

Read the following review to learn more.

Waspper W2100HA Features

  • 145 bar pressure (2100 PSI)
  • 420l p/h water flow (7l p/m)

You can see from the two figures above that the Waspper W2100HA is suitable for all domestic work and light commercial and industrial work.

Aluminium Axial Pump

The Waspper W2100HA features a high pressure axial aluminium pump which is basically a propeller in a pipe. The fact that the pump head is made from aluminium means that the pump has a longer life than if it were made with lesser materials such as those found in cheaper electric pressure washers.

Wikipedia describes an axialpump as follows “An axial-flow pump, or AFP, is a common type of pump that essentially consists of a propeller (an axial impeller) in a pipe.”

Suction Pump

The W2100HA pressure washer can use mains water or other water from containers etc. However it is essential that this water is clean as the Waspper W2100HA can not filter dirty water.

Lance, Nozzle and Hose waspper w2100ha heavy duty pressure washer review

The high pressure hose measures at 6.5 meters. The incoming and outgoing hoses are easily attached by pushing the hose onto the thread of the pressure washer and then screwing the cap onto the thread. Very simple but very effective.

There is one 15° nozzle included. This nozzle provides a very direct pin point water jet ideal for cleaning even the most stubborn stains.

The quick-connect nozzle is simple to remove and replace on the 40cm stainless steel lance.

There are many more accessories available. Just click here to mix and match.

Throttle Control and Choke

The Waspper W2100HA also contains a throttle control and choke.

The throttle control gives the user more control over the pressure washer. It’s important to know that the throttle control feature is not found on all Waspper pressure washers.

The choke restricts the flow of air when starting the pressure washer. The lack of air improves the fuel/air mixture.

Oil Plug

The screw-in oil plug comes with a short gauge so that you can easily see the current oil level. The oil level should be between the L – H markers for optimum performance and to stop damage occurring to the motor.

European Made

China is known for lower quality appliances and cheaper parts. You’ll be pleased to know that the Wasper W2100HA is actually made by WPW Centre s.r.o in Slovakia guaranteeing European workmanship.

Who This Is For

The Waspper W2100HA is ideal for every domestic job from cleaning garden furniture to cleaning wooden fencing to washing cars to removing graffiti from walls. Easy commercial jobs such as cleaning vehicles and farm machinery are also in the W2100HA’s range.

Final Thoughts

The reviews below are amazing and it is easy to see why this pressure washer has a 100% satisfaction rate (at time of writing). We agree that the power / price ratio is very good and as such we would recommend the Waspper W2100HA heavy Duty Pressure Washer for purchase.


It’s not too often that you find a pressure washer on Amazon with a perfect track record of a 5 star rating. What people are saying about the Waspper WH2100HA is amazing. Just look below.

  • “I was really impressed when I used it to clean the cement path leading to my front door”
  • “I highly recommend this for both small and large projects around your house or at your job!”
  • “Awesome product, I use it as a part of my business and around the house”
  • ” I couldn’t be happier. Its very well built, price is great and performed amazingly”
  • “Very reliable and very high quality/price ratio. Perfect for both domestic and industrial use”
  • “Incredible pressure washer! Very strong, durable and not too big! perfect size for bringing with me for work!”
  • “Powerful enough for any job about the house and garden. Spray mix bottles are easy to use”

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To see the Waspper Wh2100HA in action check out the video below.


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