Evolution EvoSystem EVO200 6.5hp Engine Unit Review

evolution evosystem engine unit reviewThe EvoSystem EVO200 is a nice little engine unit guaranteed to put a smile on your face as it provides plenty of power especially when combined with the Evolution EvoSystem generator, pressure washer or water pump.

The Evo-System is great if you are looking for multi-functionality as one engine unit powers several other units saving you money and providing flexibility and versatility.

As their name implies Evolution power tools supply power tools and machinery to the steel fabrication industry, the construction industry, DIY enthusiasts and many more.

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Evolution EvoSystem Evo200 Features

Evo200 Engine

The engine itself is a single cylinder 4 stroke 6.5hp petrol powered engine with 200cc displacement and a maximum speed of 3,150 rpm.

The fuel tank holds 3.1 litres of petrol.

Low Oil Sensor

As with most generators and engine units the Evo200 has a low oil sensor. This means that when the oil hits a critical level the engine units stops working until the oil level has been bought higher. This features prevents damage from too little oil in the machine and also prolongs the life of the unit as it always ensures that there is enough oil in the tank.


Start Mechanismevolution evosystem evo200 review pressure washer generator water pump

The Evolution EvoSystem uses a recoil start mechanism.


When the handlebar is folded down and wheels attached the unit measures just 520 x 600 x 540mm.

With the handlebar extended and wheels attached the Evo200 measures 805 x 600 x 690mm.

The Evo200 weighs just 29.1kg and is very easy to transport with its all-terrain wheels which are fitted with 8″ rubber tyres.

The unit is fitted with a manual foot brake.


The robust frame is a 1″ steel tubular frame.

Noise Level

The noise level is on par with other engine units of similar size at 96dBA.

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evolution evosystem evo200 engine unit review pressure washer water pump generatorWarranty

The Evolution EvoSystem Evo200 has a 2 year warranty. However this warranty is only valid if the unit has been purchased in the UK.

Who This Is For

The Evo200 engine unit is an ideal purchase for those who wish to buy multiple power tools such as a generator, pressure washer or water pump. For example instead of purchasing a separate generator and pressure washer as self-contained entities you can simply buy an engine unit and generator and pressure washer shells. The engine unit can power both the generator and pressure washer and you will end up spending less than if you bought two separate machines.

The Evolution EvoSystem is great for any domestic task or light commercial job.

Final Thoughts

We are impressed with the Evolution ingenuity. While the engine unit is what it is – a simple engine – the idea behind it is great. If you are thinking about buying a pressure washer, generator or water pump be sure to consider the Evolution EvoSystem Evo200!


The Evolution Evo200 is a popular seller and many people have left good reviews about the unit. Here is what some of them have to say.

  • “multi-purpose w/ the add on units available makes it the most useful portable tool I have purchased in years”
  • ” it can be transported in every decently sized boot”
  • “Engine is IMO quiet and runs well even when used for longer periods”
  • “I use this with the power washer attachment and for the money its a great buy”
  • “I have this to power the dirty water pump and generator attachments. it works very well”
  • “what an awesome piece of kit bought the engine along with the pw3200 pressure washer”
  • “Who would I recommend it to? Private lanscape gardeners. Small construction firms ( Guys, it will do everything). Private mobile car valeting companies”

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