Karcher K5 Compact Home Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K5 Compact pressure washer ReviewKarcher is the leading pressure washer brand in the UK and rightly so. Karcher pressure washers are made with quality parts and are ideal for all domestic situations. With the Karcher K5 Compact you save time when cleaning your driveway or patio and you get a better result than if you use a less powerful Karcher pressure washer.

Karcher recently released a new pressure washer range for 2017 of which the Karcher K5 Compact pressure washer is one.

But did you know that the water-cooled motor gives this unit more power and a longer life?

Read the following review for more information.

Karcher K5 Compact Features

  • 2100 watts
  • 145 bar pressure
  • 500 litres p/h water flow

The figures above show that the Karcher K5 Compact is a medium size domestic pressure washer. As such this pressure washer is ideal for the quick cleaning of your driveway, garage, patio or garden path etc.

For stubborn graffiti or grease and oil stains we would recommend the Karcher K7 Premium pressure washer.

Water Cooled Motor

Water cooled motors are much more likely to lead a longer life than air-cooled motors due to tighter build tolerances. Air cooled motors also tend to be noisier than water-cooled ones.

Water cooled motors tend to be found in better grade pressure washers while air-cooled motors are generally found in low-cost pressure washers.

Karcher K5 CompactKarcher k5 compact pressure washer review

As the name implies the Karcher K5 Compact is well, err, compact. Designed for easy maneuverability and transportation the K5 Compact is fitted with two carrying handles.

This pressure washer is very light at 11.5kg without accessories and measures just 5.16 x 29.5 x 28.2 cm for easy storage.

Quick Connect

The Karcher K5 Compact is fitted with a Quick Connect connection device which makes attaching the lance or high-pressure hose as easy as 1,2,3.

Filtered Suction Capability

The K5 Compact can source water from tanks, buckets or other water butts and the filtered suction capability comes in handy here as all incoming watered is filtered to eliminate large impurities.

Auto Stop 

The Auto Stop feature basically stops operations when the trigger is released. Once the trigger is pushed down again the pressure washer will resume operations. Auto Stop saves you electricity usage and it leads to a longer motor life.

Area Performance

You can expect to pressure wash an area of 40m² in an hour with the Karcher K5 Compact.

Two Types of Lances

As the name suggests the vario lance allows you to change the power of the water stream. The dirtblaster lance provides a circular water stream for maximum cleaning power.

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Karcher k5 compact aluminium telescopic handles review pressurewasher-reviewsOther Karcher K5 Compact Features

  • Garden hose adaptor
  • Tool storage
  • Gun holder
  • Wheels
  • Aluminium telescopic handle

Awesome Karcher K5 Compact Guarantee

As usual Karcher know that they have a quality product and they are willing to put their name behind it in the form of a 3 year guarantee.

Other pressure washer brands typically have 1 or 2 year guarantees with strict conditions so Karcher is setting the industry benchmark once again.

Box Contains

  • K5 Compact High Pressure Washer
  • 8m High Pressure Hose
  • Trigger Gun
  • Vario Lance
  • Dirtblaster Lance
  • T350 Patio Cleaner
  • 3in1 Wood/Stone Detergent

Who This is ForKarcher k5 compact quick connect system pressurewasher-reviews

The Karcher K5 Compact is ideal for those looking for lots of power from a small machine. The K5 Compact is for domestic tasks only. Those with minimum storage space will love the Karcher K5 Compact.

Final Thoughts

Once again Karcher have delivered a solid pressure washer and they have backed it with a monster 3 year guarantee. It’s easy to see why Karcher is the industry leader.

With the two lances and various cleaners the K5 Compact can handle any pressure washing job around the home. Features such as the water-cooled motor only serve to make this model much more attractive.

We give the Karcher K5 Compact two thumbs up!


The Karcher K5 Compact is a quality pressure washer which is easily seen by the reviews on Amazon. The K5 Compact has a 96% satisfaction rate from well over 60 reviews. The highest satisfaction rates that we see from other pressure washer brands is often 92% and this would be from far less reviews.

Here is what Karcher K5 Compact purchasers are saying;

  • “great machine with lots of power. So far, I have cleaned my bins, a very dirty patio…. and my car”
  • “I  expected some improvement in cleaning the patio, but the results were outstanding”
  • “There wasn’t very much assembly necessary and I had it working within minutes of opening the box”
  • “buy K5 and above as they have brass parts in the motor and housing etc, rather than plastic”
  • “fantastic bit of kit. All the joints fit together very well (no leaks) and it is extremely simple to use”
  • “My friend has the K5 professional on his farm, but mine actually out performs his, and mine was cheaper”
  • “Much better than earlier model. Patio cleaning accessory is superb”

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