Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

karcher k5 full control home pressure washer reviewWe love reviewing Karcher pressure washers as we know that we are looking at a quality product. The Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure Washer has a 96% satisfaction rating from over 60 reviews on Amazon which is one of the best ratings of all pressure washers on Amazon.

As with all Karcher pressure washers you can pick and mix the accessories which will customise the pressure washer so that you can buy the best combination to fit your needs. Choices include a bike and car cleaning kit as well as a wood and stone cleaning kit amongst others.

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Did you know that the Karcher K5 is ideal for all domestic washing? Keep reading to learn more.

Karcher K5 Full Control Features

  • 145 Bar Pressure
  • 210 Watts
  • 500 Litres Water Flow p/h
  • 8m Hose

From the figures above you can see that the Karcher K5 Full Control is the ideal domestic pressure washer as it will do the job of smaller pressure washers better and faster. After all who wants to spend an hour washing the driveway when it can be done in just over half an hour?

Water-Cooled Motor

The advantage of the Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washers over smaller pressure washer models is that the K5 comes with a water-cooled motor. The benefit of a water-cooled motor is that they generally have a longer life than air-cooled motors which is the type of motor that smaller pressure washers usually contain.

Led Display Trigger Gunkarcher k5 full control pressure washer review uk ireland wales scotland

A great feature is the LED display on the trigger gun. Basically the LED display will show you your power output so that you can ensure that you are using the right power for the job. Running on 2 x AAA batteries (included) you can simply select the correct programmed setting for the job and the pressure washer will operate to your requirements.

Washing patio tiles, for example, will need a lower setting than removing stubborn graffiti as otherwise you might wash away the grout between the slabs.

Onboard Storage

The Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washer is an upgrade from the previous Karcher K5 pressure washer. While the power remains the same the main change comes in body design. While the new body still sports Karchers classic yellow and black colour scheme the unit has certainly been changed into a more aerodynamic, cool looking shape then its predecessor.

One advantage of this, apart from the aesthetic aspect, is the ability to store your accessories on the body much more easily. The integrated hose reel is situated at the rear of the unit and lance, gun and other accessory storage is easily found around the body.

Another benefit is that you can simply store all your accessories on the pressure washer and then wheel it into the garage or shed via the extendable handle. Too easy!!!

Lances and Hose

As usual for Karcher pressure washers the Karcher K5 Full Control comes with two lances. One is a dirtblaster which is ideal for tough pint-point jobs such as removing hard to get rid of stains. The vario lance, as the name implies, can vary the spray from a soft ‘washing the car’ spray to a tough ‘get rid of anything’ stream.

The hose is a high pressure hose that totals 8 meters in length.

T350 T Racer Patio Cleaner

The T350 T Racer patio cleaner is, by all reports, a great little gadget as it allows you to achieve a superior patio finish . The patio cleaner works on even surfaces as well as on slightly uneven surfaces.


Delicate jobs like cleaning bikes and cars are best done with detergent and for this reason Karcher have made the K5 compatible for use with a detergent to ensure a clean and shiny finish.

The instruction manual will show you how to fit the detergent bottle into your pressure washer.

Quick Connect

Karcher’s Quick Connect system will make changing lances or hose attachment a dream job. There is no more unscrewing stiff joints and cursing your pressure washer.

Simply click and go and get the washing over and done with.

karcher k5 full control house home car garden path driveway garage patio furnitureWarranty

A great benefit of buying a Karcher pressure washer is that the company really stands behind their products.

The Karcher K5 Full Control, for example, has a massive 3 year warranty which is more than Karchers competitors offer for their pressure washers.

The water-cooled motor will last longer than air-cooled motors so you can be assured that you are buying a quality product.

On top of that there are Karcher distributors all over the country so that in the event that a repair or service is needed you don’t have to ship your pressure washer through the mail. You can simply visit in person.

What’s in the Box

  • Karcher K5 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • Vario Lance
  • Dirtblaster Lance
  • LED Display Trigger Gun
  • T350 T Racer Patio Cleaner
  • 1 Litre Stone Cleaner
  • 2 x AAA Batteries

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Who Is The K5 Full Control For?

The Karcher K5 Full Control is ideal for everyone that is looking for a domestic pressure hose. While the K5 might be expensive for some you are receiving many benefits and these include finishing jobs faster, getting a better finish due to more power and a water-cooled motor that lasts longer than cheaper air-cooled motors.

The K5 Full Control can do all domestic work to a very high standard from cleaning garden furniture to making weather worn surfaces gleam.

Final Thoughts

We are always impressed by Karcher pressure washers and we must admit that the new range looks much better than the previous range. While power output is the same between the old model and the new model we really like the improved storage.

We would definitely recommend the Karcher K5 full control pressure washer over smaller Karcher pressure washer models due to the reasons given above. If you can afford it, get it.


Currently the Karcher K5 Full Control pressure washer rates 4.8 / 5 stars on Amazon from over 60 reviews. Such a high satisfaction rate is amazing and beats Karchers competitors hands down. Here is what K5 full control purchasers are saying;

  • “I would say we jet washed a 6 x 15m patio within 40mins. Great product”
  • “used this to clean the patio and as we progressed, there were many shouts of “I don’t believe it!” 
  • ” I love the very simple and straightforward plug and go detergent system. This is excellent, effective”
  • ” used this pressure washer on my decking, paving, windows, guttering and I feel like a whizz kid”
  • ” A few bits to assemble yourself 3 bits in fact, the part for the handle the foot plate and the case on the front”
  • “dirt blaster takes away stuff the other lance does not and the patio cleaner does a super job with less mess”
  • “Now this is really great. Bit expensive but very pleased with the result. Deliver on time”

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