Silverline 102580 Pressure Washer Review – Very Affordable!!

silverline 102580 pressure washer reviewThe Silverline 102580 pressure washer is a budget washer that is very affordable. Let’s face it, not all of us can afford the pressure washer that we really want. If you are looking for a high power, lightweight pressure washer then the Silverline 102580 might just be the pressure washer for you.

Silverline is a trusted European brand and generally provide a 3 year guarantee on their products if you register online.

While the Silverline 102580 is a budget pressure washer the unit will certainly do a good job of cleaning up around your house. Although the unit may not remove stubborn graffiti it is an ideal unit for paths, patios, garages and driveways etc.

Silverline 102580 Features

  • Max 105 bar (70 bar constant) pressure
  • 1650 watt
  • 7.1l p/m water flow

From the above figures you can see that the Silverline 102580 is not the strongest pressure washer but it will complete most cleaning tasks. Cleaning may take a little longer than if you used a more powerful pressure washer but the job will be done none the less.

Auto Stop/Start

We are glad that Silverline has included the usual auto stop/start feature as this saves you electricity costs and extends the motor life as well.

Basically the auto stop/start feature stops the pressure washer from operating when you release the gun trigger. Once you push the trigger back down the pressure washer functions again.

Lance and Hosesilverline 102580 pressure washer review

Being a budget pressure washer you can expect too many accessories with the Silverline 102580. For this reason the unit comes with one variable spray lance  which you can adjust for different types of jobs. For example you can set a soft spray for cleaning the car or a high pressure water stream for cleaning your patio.

The high pressure hose measures 5 meters long as does the power cord.

Onboard Storage

Both the variable lance and hose can be stored on the body of the pressure washer. This means that when you have finished using it you can store the accessories on the body and just wheel the unit into the garage for storage. Easy!

Detergent Dispenser

When you buy the Silverline 102580 pressure washer you will also receive a detergent dispenser which is ideal for cleaning cars, vans and bikes etc.

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We are pleased to see that Silverline Tools offer a 3 year warranty on their products if you register online. Such a long warranty proves that Silverline stand behind their product quality.

Who Is The Silverline 102580 Pressure Washer For?

The Silverline 102580 pressure washer is ideal for those with small to medium outside areas that they want cleaned. The 102580 is also suitable for cleaning motor bikes, bicycles, cars, vans and other vehicles.

If you are looking to remove tough aged stains you may need to purchase a more powerful pressure washer but if you are looking for a good budget pressure washer that won’t break the bank then the Silverline 102580 could well be the pressure washer for you.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Silverline 102580 Pressure Washer
  • 1 x Variable Lance
  • 1 x Detergent Bottle

silverline 102580 pressure washer review garden furniture path driveway patio garage bike car vanFinal Thoughts

The Silverline 102580 pressure washer has received great reviews on Amazon. These reviews combined with the 3 year guarantee suggest that the 102580 makes for a good buy.

One great tip for smaller pressure washers such as these is to spray for around a minute then rest for a few seconds before spraying again. This way the motor keeps cool and won’t burn out. this is especially important in hot weather.

While this Silverline pressure washer isn’t the most powerful it will certainly do a great job around the house. For a similar ‘band name’ pressure washer you might like to look at the Karcher K2.

Silverline 102580 Reviews

The Silverline 102580 is quite popular on Amazon where it has well over 100 reviews.

There are some negative reviews however most of these state that there is low pressure. When buying the Silverline 102580 you should be aware that the stated 105 bar pressure is the maximum pressure and that constant bar pressure is 70. Also ensure that you connect the hose properly to avoid wearing out the thread which can lead to water leakage.

Here is what Silverline 102580 purchasers are saying;

  • “Quite powerful and easily cleaned my patio. The nozzle can be adjusted from spray to jet to suit”
  • “A quality product, and value for money, had my patio looking as good as new”
  • “does pretty much all the jobs required. ease of use and handling very good and it does the job”
  • “A quality product, and value for money, had my patio looking as good as new”
  • “small but with plenty of power, the right power to do your car with”
  • “good also for paths and patios, well done silverline again”
  • ” I would however recommend dividing larger jobs into smaller portions to avoid overheating the motor”

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