Karcher K2 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer reviewThe Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer is one of the best-selling products in its category, and it’s easy to see why. The unit has a compact design and an upright position which make it easy to store. All its accessories can be stored within the product, so it will save your storage space.

The best thing about it is the easy and efficient operation. This is a powerful unit that’s easy to use.

Karcher introduced a sleeker looking full control range in 2016. The main features of the new range is the new look as the specifications remain the same.

Main Features

 This is one of the best-selling products on Amazon, and it has the features to maintain its position for a long time.

  • Ergonomic Design – This pressure washer has an ergonomic design. It is small, so you will be able to move it around with ease. All the lances, hoses and accessories it uses can be stored in the unit, so they won’t take up your storage space. The unit has an upright position, so it will also be easy to store.
  • Small And Lightweight – The product is small and lightweight, so nobody will have any problems manipulating it. The pressure washer weighs just over 4 Kg.
  • Increased Portability – This pressure washer can be transported from one side of the yard to another with ease. You won’t even have to lift it. The washer uses two sturdy wheels to roll around, and you will be able to push and pull it with the help of a telescopic handle
  • Energy Efficient – The Karcher K2 Full Control uses an automatic feature which will turn the motor on or off when it’s in use. This way, the water flow won’t be continuous, lowering your bills.
  • Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer bike car windows shed garage garden path patio drivewayBuilt-in Inlet Filter – The pressure washer has a built-in inlet filter which will stop debris from entering the unit. This will increase the product’s durability and it will keep the water pump running for longer.
  • Can Use Detergent – You can connect the pressure washer to a detergent bottle using a suction tube. This will allow the unit to draw detergent, making your cleaning process easier.
  • 4 m Pressure Hose – The pressure hose is 4 m long. This is a good feature because you will be able to use the washer in a larger range without having to move it or plug it in another power outlet.
  • Vario Lance – This lance will allow you to change between 4 different water pressure settings. Each setting can be accessed with a simple turn of a knob, and there are small icons which will tell you what setting is currently in use. The icons can also be used as a guide because they show which surfaces you should use that pressure on.
  • Dirt Blaster Lance – This lance creates a powerful rotating jet you can use to remove the toughest stains. You should be able to remove dirt and moss from weathered surfaces with this lance. The lance can provide a jet up to 50% more powerful than other models.
  • Patio Cleaner – This is one of the accessories you can use with this pressure washer. It’s designed to quickly clean large areas like patios, driveways, paving, or decks.
  • Multiple Accessories – There are a lot of accessories compatible with this pressure washer. You can select a car wash brush, a wheel wash brush, a 25m hose, and more. Using these accessories, you can transform this unit from a regular pressure washer into a specialized cleaning device.

Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer review uk wales scotland irelandWho Is It For

 This product is ideal for homeowners who like doing different chores and tasks around the house. With a high cleaning efficiency and a powerful water pressure, you can use this unit for most of the common chores.

This pressure washer can be used with great results by small business owners, as well. You can use it to clean up your shop’s window or to clean the pavement in front of your entry.

The pressure washer can also be used to clean the dirt and grime from your car and bicycle. Once you start using this product to wash your car, you can start counting the money you save by doing it yourself.

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What’s In The Box 

  • Karcher K2 Pressure Washer
  • Vario Spray Lance
  • Dirt Blaster Spray Lance
  • T150 Patio Cleaner
  • 500 ml Detergent


 This pressure washer comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

 Final Thoughts

 With a compact and upright design, The Karcher K2 full control pressure washer is easy to use and easy to store. This product is one of the best-selling products on Amazon in its category, and there’s no surprise.

The pressure washer is easy to use and efficient. It has 4 different water pressure settings, and you can switch between them with ease, just by turning a knob. Once you change the water pressure, a small icon will show you what you selected.

This unit has an efficient and user-friendly operating mode, so everyone will be able to handle it with ease.


The Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer is a new addition to the Karcher pressure washer line and as such there aren’t too  many reviews on Amazon (yet!). Currently the K2 Full Control has an average satisfaction rating of 92% from around 30 reviews. We are sure that since this is a Karcher pressure washer that there will be many more reviews by the end of the summer.

Here is what purchasers are saying;

  • “Got this karcher k2 today for use on my decking and slabs, did it with ease and I have a large decking area”
  • ” the patio cleaning attachment but it really does make the job cleaner and reduces splash effectively”
  • “Very pleased the patio attachment is a super addition saves time and effort”
  • “Very pleased with how well it cleans the patio pavers in our back yard. Well worth the money”
  • “FANTABULOUS. Has kept hubby amused for hours. PERFECT”
  • “It is well designed and so simple to assemble that a ten year old could put it together”
  • “I used the full control spray lance whilst washing my car and the various settings were perfect for alloy wheels and radiator grills”

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