Karcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer Review

karcher k4 full control pressue washer reviewThe Karcher K4 full control pressure washer is the best-selling unit on Amazon, and this fact doesn’t come as a surprise. With a lot of innovative features and a compact design, this is the best pressure washer money can buy at the moment.

The great thing about this pressure washer is that everything is simplified. You can’t use it straight out of the box, but the assembly process is over in a few minutes. You don’t have to read the instructions manual to find out how this thing works, you have easy to interpret guides on the handle and the lances.

Everything is simple and efficient.

Karcher K4 Full Control Features

This is the best-selling pressure washer on Amazon, and after you take a look at the following features, you’ll have no problem seeing why.

  • Great Design – The Karcher K4 full control pressure washer has an ergonomic design. It’s easy to move from one place to another, and all the accessories can be stored directly in it. This makes it easier to store, and it will take up less space.
  • Portable – The pressure washer is portable and easy to move. Its portability is increased by the large wheels and telescopic handle. You need to move the pressure washer on the other side of the yard? No problem, just drag or push it along. You won’t have to lift it any longer.
  • Plug n Clean System – This is actually an onboard detergent system. All you need to do is plug in a detergent bottle in the washer, and you’ll be able to shampoo your car or windows. When the cleaning is done, just twist and lift the bottle.
  • Easy Assembly – You won’t be able to use the pressure washer straight from the box, some assembly is required. However, the whole assembly process is easy and intuitive, and you’ll be able to use the washer in minutes.
  • Karcher K4 Ful Control pressure washer review car driveway patio home garden path shed garageFull Control Lances – The Vario lance allows you to change the pressure with a simple twist of the barrel. You will be able to see the current pressure on the digital display. The display also acts as a guide for the water pressure, showing you the right water pressure for different surfaces.
  • Dirt Blaster LanceThis lance creates a powerful rotating jet that will remove even the toughest stains. You should use this lance when you have to remove dirt stains or even old chewing gum. You can also use it on weather-worn surfaces with great results.
  • LED Display Spray Gun – The spray gun has a LED display which will show you the current pressure setting. This is a great way to make sure you have selected the right pressure, and it also acts as a guide, showing you which pressure to use for different surfaces.
  • 4 Pressure Settings – This pressure washer uses four different water pressure settings. One setting is low and should be used for applying detergent, while the other three are high-pressure settings, each good for different tasks.
  • Many Accessories – Even though the basic package comes only with the lances, you can buy different accessories that go with it. You can attach a car brush, a rotating brush, a wheel brush, and more.

Who Is It For

 The Karcher K4 full control is a great product, and it will be a great addition to every household. You can use it to clean everything, from your driveway to windows, cars, and concrete walls.

The pressure washer would be an ideal product for homeowners who like to do some cleaning. You will be able to use it during the warm season, and you can save money in the long run by washing your own car.

Unlike other pressure washers, this product really performs well in tough conditions. You can use it to remove years worth of dirt and grime from your walls, improving the aspect of your house.

 What’s In The Box

 Karcher K4 Pressure Washer

  • Vario Spray Lance
  • Dirt Blaster Spray Lance
  • AAA Batteries (2 packs)


 This product comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Final Thoughts

The Karcher K4 full control pressure washer has a compact and user-friendly design which makes it great for most households. It’s powerful, it comes with two separate lances, and you can attach multiple accessories to it. This makes it a very good all-around unit, and you will be able to use it with great results for various tasks around the house.

One of the best things about this unit is the simple operation. Even if you don’t read the instructions manual, you will be able to access all of its features because everything is simple and straightforward.

The different water pressures make it great for different surfaces, and the quick guides displayed on the trigger or the lances make this pressure washer very easy to use.

Karcher pressure washers are always a great buy especially at this price.


The Karcher K4 Full Control pressure washer is a number one seller on Amazon. Despite not even being on the market for a year the unit has well over 200 reviews on Amazon with an average satisfaction rating of 92%. From these figures you can easily tell that you are buying a popular and top quality product.

Here is what Karcher K4 full control purchasers are saying;

  • “Excellent product and even better price”
  • “Brilliant out of the box , cleaned a Whole 80 sq ft of decking !”
  • “Very pleased and at last a powerful washer for the drive way”
  • “Love this new Karcher much better than the older model, great for power washing walls and patio”
  • “Bought for heavy use, so Karcher name swung it, a few months in and not let us down yet”
  • “Don’t be expecting industrial power washer levels of pressure, but for around the house it is perfect”
  • “good pressure washer, good for heavy soiled vehicles, ajustable two pressure lance works well”

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