Makita HW101 Pressure Washer Review (Low Cost and 3 Year Warranty)

Makita HW101 pressure washer reviewThe Makita HW101 is a basic pressure washer. This unit does not come with the bells and whistles like other models currently available, but it certainly does its job.

With a durable casing and a long-lasting motor, this pressure washer is built to last.

Many purchasers are saying that they prefer the Makita HW101 over Karcher pressure washers that they have used previously.

The fact that people prefer this pressure washer over the market leader combined with the 3 year warranty shows just how good this low cost pressure washer is.

Makita HW101 Features

 The Makita HW101 is a very good pressure washer that comes at a good price. The pressure washer comes with all the accessories you need. Here is a list of this model’s best features.

  • 3 Meter Pressure Hose – The 3m pressure hose will allow you to move around a larger surface without having to lift or drag the main unit. This is an advantage, especially when washing larger spaces, such as driveways or patios.
  • Adjustable Detergent Bottle – Using this bottle offers a great advantage. The bottle will allow you to apply any detergent or cleaning solution you like or need. Using this feature will make any cleaning job easier, and it will save you a lot of time. The detergent bottle connects directly to the lance, and it’s very easy to install. You just have to set it in place and twist it into position.
  • Small And Compact – This pressure washer is small and compact. You will be able to move it around your backyard, patio, or driveway with ease. Having a small pressure washer will also help when you have to store it.
  • Easy Assembly – You will have to assemble the unit once you take it out of the box. However, this process is very easy. The most important thing you have to remember when you’re assembling the unit is to make sure the water feed line is connected properly.
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  • Useful Storage Accessories – This pressure washer comes with storage accessories, so you can store all of its components directly on its casing. This is a useful feature as it will limit the storage space the unit takes up.
  • Wobble Plate Pump – The Makita HW101 pressure washer uses a wobble plate pump. This pump is very good because it can run dry and produce high pressure. Another advantage of using this type of pump is that it doesn’t have any seals moving back and forth along with the piston. This should prolong the life span of the pump, and it should last for at least 2 – 3 years of daily use.
  • Total-Stop-System – This pressure washer uses a TSS system. This system will automatically switch the motor on or off when you use the trigger lance. This is a great feature because the motor won’t work at all times, increasing its life span.
  • Stop Valve – This system also uses a stop valve to activate the pressure cleaner. This will reduce the unit’s electricity consumption. The pump will only work when you use the trigger, so its life will be prolonged.
  • Sensible Trigger – This unit’s trigger is sensible, so you shouldn’t press it too frequently. If you do, the trigger will not send the correct information to the TSS system.
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle – This pressure washer comes with an adjustable spray nozzle. You should always use different sprays for harder or softer surfaces. When you’re cleaning your car or bicycle you should use a softer spray than that you should use when you’re cleaning your driveway. The spray is easily adjusted with just a turn of a knob. 

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Makita hw101 pressure washer reviewWho Is It For

 This is a basic pressure washer, and it should make a great addition to every household. You can use it to clean your driveway or patio. People who enjoy spending time outdoors can use it to clean their cars or bicycles.

The pressure washer comes with a basic lance and a detergent bottle, but you can put both of them to good use. If you encounter any problems while cleaning, you should apply a detergent or cleaning solution using the adjustable bottle. This will make the hard stains easier to remove, buying you time in the process.

You can also use this pressure washer to clean weathered surfaces and even your windows. Make sure you don’t use the highest pressure when you’re cleaning the windows and use a softer one instead.

 What’s In The Box


 The Makita HW101 pressure washer comes with a 3-year warranty. The long warranty period is a proof of the confidence the manufacturer has in this product.

Final Thoughts

The Makita HW101 is a basic pressure washer, but it can be a great addition to most households. If you like doing chores outside from time to time, you should look no further. This model is capable of anything you think a pressure washer should do, and it comes at a decent price.


Budget pressure washers don’t always rate well for obvious reasons but the Makita HW101 rates very well on Amazon with 4.4 / 5 stars from around 100 reviews. The 3 year warranty shows the confidence that Makita have in this pressure washer. Here is what purchasers are saying (note that many of them prefer the Makita HW101 to Karcher pressure washers!)

  • “Works really well for domestic applications”
  • “Spent 4 hours cleaning drive absolutely brilliant powerful device”
  • “This Makita is a cracking little washer and works a treat. Perfectly powerful enough for car washing”
  • “it has a powerful wide jet. Much better in my view than my father in laws karcher”
  • “makita make fantastic gear would reccomend to anybody good all round pressure washer 5 stars”
  • “I use makita tools which are great so I purchased this with high expectations which were met. Fantastic”
  • “cleaned the whole of my decking very well. It was much better than a Karcher that I had used before”

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