Waspper W3100VA Petrol Pressure Washer Review (Powerful!!)

waspper w3100va pressure washer reviewWaspper was kind enough to send me a Waspper W3100VA petrol pressure washer to review. I have tested the pressure washer extensively on 3 different areas and various different surfaces so I am delighted to be able to write this review from my personal experience with the Waspper W3100VA.

First of all you should know that the Waspper W3100VA is powerful. This power allows you to do the job much quicker than smaller and lighter electric pressure washers.

Also the W3100VA requires very minimal set up, always starts the first time and you can easily dismantle the handlebar for transportation in a car.

Here are my thoughts based on actual user experience.

Waspper W3100VA Petrol Pressure Washer

Upon unpacking the Waspper W3100VA and laying all the pieces out on the floor you can easily see how everything fits together. Close inspection revealed that there were no cracks in the framework, wheels or other parts.

The Waspper W3100VA comes with 3 manuals. These are an owners manual in English and two operation manuals. One manual is in English and the other is in Croatian.

Initial Thoughts

While assembling the W3100VA my initial thoughts were that this is a well constructed pressure washer which is bound to be very powerful. In fact I was a little hesitant about using this petrol pressure washer on sandstone slabs but I am glad I did (read on to see why).

My next thought was that I might have difficulty operating the W3100VA however a quick flick through the operation manual and owners manual quickly allayed any worries. You simply press the start button, pull the starter cord and viola! You’re good to go.

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waspper w3100va pressure washer review driveway patio garage
The Waspper W3100VA ready for action on a concrete driveway

Using The Waspper W3100VA On A Driveway 

The last time that I pressure washed the driveway was with an intermediate sized electric pressure washer and progress was slow enough. In fact earlier that morning my neighbour had pressure washed his patio with a Karcher K4 and while I was pressure washing my driveway he came over for a quick chat and said ‘progress is slow, isn’t it?’ I actually had to reply that no the W3100VA does a great job.

I used the 40° nozzle which provides a wider spray however combined with holding the nozzle about 10-15cm from the driveway surface the spray is very effective. Let’s put it this way each sweep clears that line of dirt so that you don’t have to go over it again.

From using electric pressure washers I know that often you have to go over an area two or three times. This is definitely not the case with the Waspper W3100VA. Once is enough and this saves you a great deal of time.

Our driveway measures approximately 5 meters x 10 meters or 50² meters. This area took around an hour to clean and included the concrete garden border which was sprayed on the size and on the top.

During this time the W3100VA consumed just over 2 litres of petrol for a cost of around £2.50.

A Karcher K4 runs at 1800 watts and cleans at a rate of around 30² meters per hour. So if your electricity rate is around 12p p/kW then the total cost for cleaning a 50² meter driveway would be around 32 pence.

Obviously using an electric pressure washer such as the Karcher K4 is far cheaper however the job will also take far longer and because the water pressure is less the finished result won’t be as clean as using the W3100VA.

Personally I’d gladly spend £2 to get the job done in nearly half the time with a superior finish. In fact I’d venture as far as to say this;

‘If you use the Waspper W3100VA petrol pressure washer you will never go back to using an electric pressure washer again’

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waspper w3100va pressure washer review home house domestic commercial industrial agricultural
With minimal effort you get great results on concrete surfaces

Other Jobs Covered With The Waspper W3100VA

Apart from the driveway I also power washed a rear patio area of approximately 5m x 10m. The performance was similar to that of the concrete driveway.

The patio consisted of a lower concrete area which lead upwards via concrete steps to a concrete tiled area. Again the performance of the W3100VA was great with each sweep of the lance cleaning the concrete sufficiently.

Be Careful With Plastered Walls

One of the patio walls had a small patch of green moss growing on it. My mistake in holding the lance to close to this area was that a small piece of plaster chipped away from the wall. So when cleaning plastered walls I’d recommend a minimum distance of around 30cm in order to prevent any plaster from coming loose.

Brilliant With Sandstone

I also cleaned my own patio which consists of Arabic sandstone which lights up beautifully when wet resulting in a marvelous display of colours on the stone.

THe W3100VA made short work of cleaning the sandstone.

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waspper w3100va pressure washer review sandstone concrete tiles paving
Pressure washing sandstone brings out its beautiful colours. You can see the difference with the area on the lower right which has not been washed yet.

Getting Rid Of Fungus Stains 

Over time Sandstone will slowly get covered with fungus stains. Last year I tried removing these stains with an electric pressure washer to no avail. I am happy to report that the Waspper W3100VA can get rid of these stains.

The time taken to clean these stains is considerable longer than if you were to wash the patio without these stains. However when returning stone to its original surface (and dazzling colours) time is not really an issue.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to buy any special chemicals to get rid of these stains. You simply spray each slab slowly and methodically.

Features and Specifications of the Waspper W3100VA

Water Pressure and Flow

Stated maximum water pressure is 213 bar and water flow is calculated at 8.7 litres per minute. This adds up to a powerful pressure washer that is ideal for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural work.

Fuel and Oil

You should only put unleaded petrol into the 1 litre fuel tank. Access can be a little obstructed to the fuel tank due to the fuel tank cap being located next to the handlebar. For best access it is recommended that you use a funnel.

The pressure washer is delivered dry, meaning that no fuel or oil is actually already in the machine. You have to supply your own fuel (easily got from your petrol station) however Waspper has included a 600ml bottle of oil for you to add to the machine once it’s assembled.

The oil tank holds 500ml of oil so you will have a little oil left over in the bottle which you can add to the oil tank after a few hours of operation. The dip stick will tell you exactly how much oil is in the tank.

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Side view showing (from left to right) fuel tank, starter cord, oil dipstick and muffler

Net Weight

Stated net weight is 27.6kg which may be a little heavy for some people. If you are elderly, have a sore back or are somewhat infirm you would be advised to seek help if you need to lift the pressure washer for storage or transportation etc.

Once assembled wheeling the W3100VA around a driveway or patio is a breeze. The unit is well-balanced and the leverage supplied by the handlebar makes moving this unit very easy.

W3100VA Dimensions

The W3100VA measures 97cm (h) x 52cm (w) x 63cm (l).

Petrol pressure washers are generally a little larger than electric pressure washers and the W3100VA is no exception. Before buying any pressure washer you should make sure that you have adequate storage space.

I had no problem with these dimensions while operating the pressure washer.

Water Primer Function

A very handy feature of the W3100VA Waspper is that it comes with a plastic hose of approximately one and a half meters long which can pull water from a water-butt, clean rubbish bin or other large container.

This means that you can clean any area which is away from electricity and/or water.

Side view showing from left to right air cleaner, on/off switch (red button), thottle (yellow handle above on/off switch) and fuel tank

3 Types of Nozzles 

Along with the Waspper pressure washer you will receive 3 types of nozzle. These are for a powerful 15° jet spray, a wider (but still powerful) 40° spray and a soap dispenser spray.

When I cleaned my driveway and the two patios I only used the 40° nozzle and I found this to be sufficient.

The nozzles are a quick connect type so that you can change them within a few seconds. There is a handy storage platform on the handlebar for nozzle storage.

Gun and Hose

The spray gun has a stainless steel lance and there is a gun holder on the handlebar which is great for storing the gun when filling the fuel tank or for longer term storage.

The high pressure hose is 6.5 metres long which is great as you don’t have to move the pressure washer much when cleaning.

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Operation of the Waspper W3100VA

Starting the W311VA

Starting the W3100VA is super easy.

First of all make sure that the unit is assembled properly and the both the fuel and oil tanks are filled.

Place the pressure washer on a flat surface and switch the red on/off button on the motor to ‘on’. Slide the throttle 3/4 of the way up and simply pull the pull cord.

The W3100VA started on the first pull every time that I did this. My wife also started it this way on the first pull without any problems.

Garden Hose

For all of the jobs I simply used a common UK garden hose for water supply and had no issues with incoming water pressure.

Make sure the hose is not blocked, kinked or split for optimum water supply to the pressure washer.

Tips for the W3100VA

waspper w3100va pressure washer review oil fuel petrol farm commercial office industrial
Ensure you add fuel and oil to the W3100VA before use

Fuel and Oil

One of the main complaints about petrol pressure washers is that the units don’t always start after being stored away for winter. This is because the unit has been stored with petrol and oil still in the machine.

Waspper makes very clear in their instruction manual that both fuel and oil should be drained from the machine before long-term storage. A handy tool is provided to do this and only takes a few minutes.

Cleaning the W3100VA

Cleaning the W3100VA is very easy. First be sure to wheel the unit to an area which is allowed to get dirty (ie your lawn or foot path etc) and simply wipe down with warm water after the engine has cooled. Dry the unit after washing with a dry cloth.

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Customer Support

Waspper say that they provide full customer support and I must say that my own communications with the company have been excellent.

Who Is The Waspper W3100VA For?

The Waspper W3100VA is suitable for all domestic cleaning which includes driveways, garages, patios, grafitti, vehicles, walls and much more.

The W3100VA is also great for small to intermediate commercial, agricultural and industrial jobs. In fact the only jobs that the W3100VA is not able for are ultra large jobs for which you need a trailer pressure washer.

Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned if you use the Waspper W3100VA petrol pressure washer you will never go back to using an electric pressure washer again.

Typically when we receive test pressure washers we sell them on. However I will be keeping the W3100VA and selling my electric pressure washer.

With its solid construction, powerful spray and great customer support you will do great to buy a Waspper W3100VA pressure washer.

My personal thoughts are that assembly is very easy. Simply lay the components out and you’ll easily see where everything goes.

Starting the W3100VA is also very easy. So far the pressure washer has started on first pull every time.

Operations is easy which is aided by the well-balanced design, the wheels and the long high pressure hose.

W3100VA Details from Amazon 

waspper w3100va pressure washer engine details on off button muffler oil tank fuel air filter
Front detail showing, from left to right, the muffler, spark plug, carburetor and air cleaner

Here are the W3100VA details as found on Amazon.

Pressure and Flow

Max. Outlet Pressure (psi/bar): 3100/213
Max. Flow Rate (L/min): 8,7


Manufacturer: Peggas
Displacement (cm3): 196
Type: OHV
Orientation: Vertical
Low Oil Shutdown System: None
Fuel Capacity (L): 1
Fuel On/Off valve: None
Oil Capacity (L): 0.6
Recommended Engine Oil: 10w40
Throttle Control: None
Choke: Yes/Mechanical
Starting Method: Manual/Recoil


Type: Axial
Head Material: Aluminium
Max. Water Supply Temperature: 40°C
Self-suction: Yes

waspper w3100va pressure washer review petrol home garden unleaded oil
The middle of the two concrete tiles on the left have been power washed while the two tiles on the right have not


Length (m): 7.5 m
Diameter (in/mm): 0,25″ / 6
Max. Working Pressure (psi/bar): 32000/220
Connectors: M22


Nozzle Description / Size: 15°, 40°, Soup/ 029

Gun & Lance

Gun Type: Ergonomic
Gun to Lance Connection: M22
Gun to Hose Connection: M22
Lance Length (cm): 40
Lance to Nozzle Connection: Quick coupling


Handle: Fixed – Click in
Frame Construction: Steel
Wheel Type & Size (cm): Never flat 30×5

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Waspper W3100VA Pressure Washer Video

Here is a short Waspper W3100VA video made by Waspper.


Have you used a Waspper pressure washer previously? Let us know what you thought in the comment section below.


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