Kiam KM3700P 14hp Industrial Petrol Pressure Washer Review

The Kiam KM3700P industrial pressure washer is ideal if you are looking for a powerful washer for commercial and industrial jobs. With a massive 255 bar pressure and 15 litre per minute water flow (900 litres per hour) you are looking at a top of the range Kiam petrol pressure washer that is suitable for any job.

The Kiam KM3700P also comes with loads of accessories so that you can customise the pressure washer for each job. You can use the Kiam KM3700P with detergent to get cleaner finishes.

But did you know that the engine is mounted to the chassis by a by anti-vibration shock absorbers? Read further to learn more.

Kiam KM3700P Features

There are plenty of awesome features on the Kiam KM3700P pressure washer so let’s start with the power before looking at the rest of the features.

  • Max 255 bar pressure (235 bar constant)
  • 15 litres per minute (900 litres per hour) water flow
  • 14 HP engine

You can tell by the above numbers that this is a very powerful pressure washer suitable for large domestic, commercial, agricultural and domestic work.

Kiam KM3700P Engine

The engine is a very powerful and performance approved LONCIN 14HP 4-stroke air-cooled petrol engine which is recoil started.

The engine is operated by a variable throttle control so that you can easily adjust the power.

Low Oil Level Shut Downkiam km3700p 14 hp engine review

The low oil level shut down feature stops the KM3700P from operating once the oil level gets too low. This feature is ideal for protecting your engine as it will not become to dry to operate.


We are delighted to see that the pump is brass. The 3 piston Triplex pump features German Parker seals.

Thermal Relief Vale (TRV)

The Kiam KM3700P is fitted with a thermal relief valve. The valve stays closed during normal operation but when the pressure becomes too much the valve opens to let the excess pressure escape. The TRV is a great feature for extending the life of your engine.

Power Nozzles

There are 5  quick release power nozzles included with the Kiam KM3700P washer.

The nozzles are;

  • 0° for a very concentrated powerful jet of water
  • 15° for a slightly wider jet
  • 25° for a more powerful jet than the standard setting
  • 45° which is the setting you will probably use mostly (as well as the 25° nozzle)
  • 80° for a soft spray which is ideal for more delicate work such as cleaning vehicles etc

As you can see the range of sprays and jets that you get with the Kiam KM3700P cover every job that you may encounter and the quick-release feature allows you to change from a very powerful jet stream to a soft detergent application very quickly indeed.

Chassis and Tyres

The chassis is constructed from powder coated heavy-duty steel and is fitted with rubber anti-vibration shock absorbers.

The tyres are all-terrain pneumatic tyres ideal for use in every situation.

kiam km3700p nozzles petrol pressure washer review pressurewasher-reviewsGun, Lance and Hose

The Kiam KM3700P comes with a professional grade high pressure gun, a stainless steel lance and an industrial quality 10m high pressure hose.

Detergent Application

Detergent application is possible through the detergent pipe filter.

Suction Hose

The Kiam KM3700P comes with a 3 meter long suction hose and water filer so that you can source water from any container or water-butt etc (wheelie bins are a very popular source).

The Kiam KM3700P can also be connected to a mains source if required.


The Kiam KM3700P measures 790  500 x 600mm and weighs just 65 kilograms.

You will find this pressure washer very easy to transport with its very balanced body and ideal length handlebar.


The Kiam KM3700P petrol pressure washer comes with a 12 month ‘back to base’ warranty.

Who Is The Kiam KM3700P For

The Kiam KM3700P petrol pressure washer is a very powerful pressure washer with adjustable power. The 5 different types of nozzle cover every use you can think of.

Taking the above into account the KM3700P pressure washer is ideal for large domestic work and small to medium and some large commercial, industrial and agricultural work.

What’s In The Box Kiam KM3700P petrol pressure washer industrial commercial agricultural review

  •  KM3700P petrol pressure washer unit
  •  10m high pressure hose
  •  Detergent pipe & filter
  •  High pressure trigger gun
  •  Steel lance with nozzle connector
  •  Steel spray nozzles (x5)
  •  3m water suction hose with water filter
  •  Tool kit
  •  User manual

Final Thoughts

We are certainly impressed with Kiam’s range of pressure washers and the KM3700P impresses us too. From a great pressure washer brand name to a host of accessories to engine safety features Kiam have done it all with this top of the range pressure washer.

If you are looking for a powerful petrol pressure washer be sure to check out the Kiam KM3700P.


We have sourced the web for reviews however it is our opinion that people who buy large petrol pressure washers are professionals with less time on their hands than domestic users who have more time to surf the web.

As such there aren’t many reviews for the Kiam KM3700P but all the reviews we have seen give this unit a 100% satisfaction rating. Some Kiam KM3700P purchases have been made through this website so we are sure that the unit is somewhat popular.

Here is what people are saying about the Kiam KM3700P;

  • “Absolutely brilliant piece of machinery, powerful, not too bulky, or heavy”
  • “Does the job right first time, it’s good when people see the difference. Thanks amazon”
  • “Great value for money, does the job with ease”
  • “Perfect, very happy”

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