Honda GP 200 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000 PSI Review – Heavy Duty Toughness!!

The Honda GP 200 Petrol Pressure Washer is a professional pressure washer suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial work.

There is a big difference once you switch from larger electric pressure washers to mid-sized petrol pressure washers and this is easy to see once the job is completed.

The Honda Gp 200 comes supplied with everything except the fuel so it’s the perfect petrol pressure washer to buy especially since it rates 5/5 on Amazon.Our friends at Tunbridge Wells Pressure Cleaning also rate this unit 10/10 and have a lot of good things to say about the Honda GP 200.

There are a few tips for optimum performance so read on.

What You Need To Know

  • 200 Bar Pressure (3,000 PSI)
  • 10 Litres per Minute Water Flow
  • 6.5 HP 4 Stroke Motor
  • 10m High Pressure Hose


  • Great brand
  • Honda engine is one of the most reliable in the world
  • Tough construction
  • Low oil sensor
  • Axial pump
  • Affordable
  • No electric cord
  • 3 yr warranty


  • Heavy at over 40 kg (but easy to maneuver)

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Honda GP 200 Pressure Washer Motor Honda GP 200 pressure washer review axial pump brass head 10 inch tyres powder coated trolley

Honda motors are one of the best motors in the world so that’s a huge testament to this pressure washer. The 2015 Honda GP 200 6.5 horsepower 4 stroke motor is suitable for the toughest jobs as its durable and won’t overheat.

The speed of the engine is fully adjustable on the Honda GP 200 pressure washer while it is fixed on smaller Honda engines such as the GC 160.

As can be seen in the image on the right the Honda GP 200 comes fitted with two 10-inch wheels which are suitable for even the most rugged terrain.

Honda Gp 200 Pressure Washer Trolley

The heavy-duty rust proof trolley is powder coated and measures 55 cm long x 50cm wide x 85cm high with handle up (55cm with handle down).

Axial Pump

The Honda GP200’s Italian made pump is an axial piston pump with a brass head.

Axial piston pumps are commonly used in pressure washers with less than 3,500 PSI. The advantage of axial pumps is that they are small and light and last longer than gear and vane pumps.

The durable pump won’t overheat as the unit features a thermal cooling system which lets hot air escape out of a valve before the pump overheats.

Honda Gp 200 pressure washer 3000 psi domestic industrial commercial driveways houses external wallsLow Oil Sensor

A great feature of this Honda pressure washer is the low oil sensor. If the oil falls below a particular level then the pressure washer will cease working until the oil is refilled. This excellent safety systems allows the pressure washer to life a longer live as the oil level is always high enough for the pressure washer to function optimally.

Tip: When receiving the Honda Gp 200 pressure washer you should also receive a bottle of oil. Pour all of the bottle into the pressure washer before starting the engine. There have been cases where people have rung customer service when their new Honda pressure washer didn’t work only to be told to empty all of the bottle into the machine. Once the oil level was correct the pressure washer worked no problem.

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Other Water Feed Options

Not only can the Honda GP 200 operate on water taken from a tap but it can take water from other sources as well.

The pressure washer comes with a 3m suction tube and filter so that the unit can draw its own water from places such as a  bucket, barrel, stream or tank etc. Just make sure that the source has sufficient flow and volume.

Honda GP 200 Nozzles

The unit comes with 5 different high pressure quick-release nozzles allowing for a very versatile pressure washer as each nozzle provides a different type of jet from broad and soft to narrow and hard. Simply change the nozzle to correspond with the type of job you are working on.

There is also one Turbo nozzle included.

High Pressure HoseHonda GP 200 pressure washer 6.5hp 4 stroke engine motor 10m high pressure hose nozzle

The supplied high pressure hose measures 10m long and comes with stainless steel couplings.

There are 20 metre hose options for 3,000 PSI pressure washers if you would like to avail of a longer hose.


The Honda GP 200 pressure washer comes with a 3 year Honda EU warranty which shows that Honda is confident in the quality of this product.

Final Thoughts

From the tough trolley to the axial pump to the number of jets, we are really impressed with the Honda Gp 200. Functionality is much better than lower Honda pressure washer models such as the GC 160 and the cleaning power is immense.

The 3,000 PSI combined with the 10 litres per minute flow rate provides for a powerful pressure washer and the fact that the unit is petrol powered means that there’s no annoying electrical cable in the way.

You would be hard pushed to find a better quality pressure washer at this price.

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honda 240 oil engine 3000 psi
Photo courtesy of Tunbridge Wells Pressure Cleaning

Reviews and Feedback

On The Job Feedback

We were delighted when we saw Tunbridge Wells Pressure Cleaning using the Honda Gp 200 in a recent pressure washer cleaning job. The guys have over 25 years experience so they know their pressure washers!!

Here’s what they said about the Honda Gp 200;

“I have been using the Honda portable pressure washer for a number of years,with its 3000 pounds per square inch of pressure,it’s cleaning power is phenomenal . This Honda engine is said to be one of the most reliable engines in the world, low maintenance light weight,reliable 10/10”

Online Feedback

We also checked a few other online reviews and found the following feedback;

  • “Excellent unit as incorporates a detergent filter and nossel, siphoning pipe if required and a bottle of oil do all you need is fuel”
  • “this really is a superb power washer great. it removes moss slime dirt no probs”
  • “All good very efficient ,fast delivery would recommend”
  • “Does the job”

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If you have any questions about the Honda GP 200 or other pressure washers just let us know in the comment section below and we will do our best to answer your questions.


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