5 Best Pressure Washers Under £100

5 best pressure washers under £100You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to buy a good quality pressure washer. Well known pressure washer brands such as Karcher, Draper and Nilfisk are all available for under £100.

Pressure washers which can be bought for under £100 can certainly do a decent job around the house. From cleaning patios and driveways to getting grime of outdoor furniture, cars and motorbikes these lower priced pressure washers can do it all.

If there are tough oil stains on your driveway or garage floor then you should perhaps look into buying a more expensive pressure washer. However we are of the opinion that for basic household cleaning chores pressure washers under £100 will do the job just fine.

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5 Best Pressure Washers Under £100

1. Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer 5 best pressure washers under £100 uk karcher k2 compact

Karcher is definitely the number one brand in UK pressure washers so it’s no surprise that we have selected the Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer as our number one pick.

Currently the K2 Compact has over 1,500 reviews on Amazon.co.uk and rates at 4.6 / 5 stars. The price which should be well below £100 is for the standalone unit only so it excludes additional items such as the bike and car cleaning kit and the outdoor wood and stone cleaning kit etc. You can buy these additional items at any time in the future if you want to.

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2. Draper 31562 Pressure Washer 5 best pressure washers under £100 review uk amazon

The 31562 is a great compact, lightweight, domestic pressure washer in the Draper pressure washer range.

For the low price you receive the usual hose (3m) and gun as well as 2 different nozzles, a detergent spray bottle and an instruction manual. Again there are no fancy extras included however this helps to keep the price down. Between the two types of nozzle you should be able to complete most domestic jobs anyway.

With well over 500 reviews on Amazon the Draper 31562 rates at 4.6 / 5 stars making this a well-tested and reviewed unit.

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3. Karcher K2 Home Air-Cooled Pressure Washer 5 best pressure washers under £100 karcher k2 home uk review accessories driveway patio garage

The Karcher K2 home air-cooled pressure washer comes with a lot more accessories than the K2 Compact pressure washer covered above. The K2 home includes different lances, a patio cleaner for more thorough cleaning of patio slabs and a detergent pouch. There is 110 bar pressure, 360l p/h water flow and 1400w of power.

If you have maintained your driveway, patio and garage then the Karcher K2 Compact would be a good choice for you. However if you have neglegted the above areas for sometime and they are now rather dirty looking the K2 Home might be your best option due to the extra cleaning accessories.

The unit has a 90% satisfaction rate from over 700 reviews on Amazon.

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4. Nilfisk C110 4-5 X-tra Pressure Washer nilfisk c110 4-5 x-tra pressure washer 5 best pressure washers under £100 uk

Nilfisk is one of the leading pressure washer brands in the UK so it’s no surprise that Nilfisk pressure washers are included in this list.

While Karcher pressure washers seem to be more popular Nilfisk are more powerful like for like. Take the Karcher K2 pressure washer range with 1400w of power, 360l p/h water flow and 110 bar pressure. If we compare the Nilfisk C110 which features 1400w power also but 440l p/h water flow and 110 bar pressure we can see that most numbers are the same but water flow is over 20% higher than the Karcher K2 washers. This is a fundamental difference.

Also while the Karcher K2 Home pressure washer offers accessories the Nilfisk C110 offers even more accessories including a nozzle jet cleaning tool.

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5. Nilfisk C110 4-5 PC Xtra Pressure Washer 

Yes, we had to include another Nilfisk pressure washer due to the reason given in the above review.

While the main characteristics and accessories remain the same (1400w power, 440l p/h water flow and 110 bar pressure) the difference between the C110 PC Extra and the C110 Extra is the inclusion of a patio cleaner. In our opinion this power and range of accessories is truly great for a pressure washer that costs less than £100 and comes with a 90% satisfaction rate from around 500 reviews on Amazon.

Nilfisk also has excellent after sales service and many repair centres around the country (as does Karcher of course).

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How To Choose Your Pressure Washer

There are two main things to bear in mind when choosing your pressure washer

  • Accessories

Always bear in mind the number of accessories that you receive when buying your pressure washer. Take into account the number of accessories that you actually need and will use then compare the cost of them when buying the accessories with the pressure washer and separately.

  • Power

Generally the higher the wattage (for domestic units) the more powerful the pressure washer is. However if the wattage is the same simply multiply the units water flow by the bar pressure. The higher the answer, the more powerful the pressure washer is.

Finally please be aware that prices do fluctuate but all units were priced at under £100 at time of writing.

Do you already own a pressure washer? Let us know in the comments below what you think of it.


5 Best Pressure Washers Under £100
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5 Best Pressure Washers Under £100
We have selected 5 pressure washers that rate over 80% satisfaction and cost under £100 to make your pressure washer selection very easy.