Wolf WP7500E 15HP Generator Review

Behold, you are looking at the largest Wolf generator that is available and what a sight she is! If you are looking for power you are in the right place as this beauty delivers an impressive 7,000 watts at full power output and 6,500 watts at constant power output.

Wolf machinery and equipment is top-notch and it’s easy to see why Wolf generators are big sellers. Wolf have incorporated important safety and performance features into this machine but first you must know that the Wolf WP7500E is available at a great price.

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Wolf WP7500E Features

As mentioned above the Wolf WP7500E generator has incorporated some important safety and performance features into its design. Let’s take a look at some of them.


There is an automatic voltage regulator attached to the alternator. It is 100% copper wound. This is to ensure stable frequency and voltage.


The battery automatically recharges as the Wolf WP7500E runs. This way you can be sure of a full battery every time that you start the generator.

Low Oil Level Safetywolf 7500e 15hp generator review home camping flat apartment property caravan motor home

The Wolf WP7500E stops working when the oil level falls too low. The stoppage ensures that the motor does not get damaged due to a lack of oil. Once the oil is refilled the generator will operate normally.

Wolf recommends using Fuchs Semi Synthetic 10W-40 oil for this generator which holds 1.25 litres of oil.

Voltage Change Over Switch

The control panel features a voltage change over switch which enables you to switch the voltage between 230 volts and 115 volts.  It is also fitted with

  • 2 x 16amp 230v industrial coupler sockets
  • 2 x 32amp  industrial coupler sockets

Panel Mounted Circuit Breakers

To avoid overload damage to the generator panel mounted circuit breakers have been fitted. This will ensure protection and extra life to your generator should an overload occur.


You can set the voltage on the Wolf WP7500E as described above. The voltmeter shows what voltage the generator is running at so that you can check that operating voltage is in-line with your selected voltage.

Wheels and Handlebars

The Wolf WP7500E has been fitted with all-terrain tyres and protruding handle bars for complete ease of movement.

wolf wp7500e 15hp generator review ireland uk wales scotlandEngine

The engine is a 4 stroke 15HP motor which provides all the power that you are after.

Dimensions, Weight and Noise

The Wolf WP7500E weighs in at 96kg however the unit is easily transportable because of the all-terrain wheels and handlebars.

The dimensions of this generator are 72.5 x 74.0 x 66.5 cm (L x W x H).

For such a large generator the unit is relatively quiet as it produces 69dBA at a range of 7 meters.


Who Is This For

With 6500 continuous wattage the Wolf WP7500E is a powerful generator which can run a small house in times of power outage. This makes the unit ideal for domestic use.

Those who avail of the outdoors and love camping etc will also benefit from using this generator. Schools, offices and other important buildings should also have a large generator handy for times of power outage.


This Wolf beauty comes with a 2 year warranty which reflects Wolf’s confidence in the product.

Final Thoughts

Wolf generators are very popular and it is easy to see why. For a very good price you get a quality brand name and a quality machine which will do the job you need very well.

Apart from the Wolf brand we particularly like the safety features such as the panel mounted circuit breakers and the automatic charging battery.


At time of writing the Wolf WP7500E has a satisfaction rate of 90% from around 40 reviews. Based on these figures you can be sure that you are buying a popular, quality generator. Here are what buyers are saying.

  • “It starts easily on the key with a little choke and the tank lasts 9-10 hours of moderate use”
  • “Starts easily every time and is quiet compared to most Generators. I like wolf products”
  • “you will find as I have that it starts first time every time and operates smoothly”
  • ” It was used for 2 flats of 3 bedrooms each. Recommended to family and friends”
  • “Bought to supply electricity for lighting and a Band. Gave no trouble at all and am pleased”
  • “Has loads of “oomph” and give a stable voltage output even when several fridges cut in at the same time”
  • “Loads of available power, runs the electrics for a large house and has the extra power to occasionally run a large 2.5 kv submerged sewerage tank pump”

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