Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-Tra Pressure Washer Review

The Nilfisk P150 pressure washer might look like a fairly plain pressure washer but underneath the hood she’s a mean, clean fighting machine with plenty of power for the toughest domestic jobs. The Nilfisk P150 is also suitable for lighter commercial and industrial work.

You could compare the Nilfisk P150 to the Karcher K7 pressure washers as both of these pressure washers are the ‘top of the range’ pressure washers for their respective brands.

Let’s start this review with a quick summary of the features and specifications of the Nilfisk P150 pressure washer before we explore the main points in-depth.

Features and Specifications of the Nilfisk P150

  • Powerful 2900w air-cooled motor
  • 150 bar pressure
  • 610 litres per hour flow rate
  • Brass pump head
  • Click and clean accessory system
  • Ergonomically designed trigger gun
  • On-board storage for accessories
  • Effective pressure regulation
  • 10 Metre SuperFlex Steel Armoured High Pressure Hose.
  • Auto start / stop
  • Loads of accessories
  • Weighs 26.8kg
  • Measures 39 x 38 x 97.5cm
  • 2 year warranty

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  • Great brand name
  • Very powerful
  • Brass pump head


  • Could be expensive for some (but you get what you pay for)

Powerful Pressure Washer nilfisk P150 2-10 Xtra pressure washer review uk ireland

150 Bar Pressure

The 150 bar pressure is 10 bars lower than that of the Karcher K7 but it still means that the Nilfisk P150 can handle any domestic job it is given.

150 or 160 bar is the top end for domestic pressure washers.

610 Litres Water Flow

The Nilfisk P150 water flow is a massive 610 litres per hour and this makes the unit ideal to remove all of your grime and dirt very quickly.

Again this figure is at the top end of domestic pressure washers.

2900w Air-Induction Motor

The 2900w motor is very powerful and is guaranteed to keep running for a long time during the toughest of jobs. The Karcher K7 Premium Eco by comparison has a 2800w motor.

We are surprised that the motor is air-cooled as opposed to water-cooled. Water cooled motors would be the norm on higher spec pressure washers. Perhaps opting for an air-cooled motor allows for a slightly cheaper price than if a water-cooled motor was used.

Cleaning Rate

The above figures will allow you to clean around 30 square meters in approximately 30 minutes.

This unit will complete any domestic task in very little time.

Metal Pump With Brass Pump Head

The aluminium pump will have a long-lasting life and the brass pump head will certainly not crack as easily as the weaker plastic pump heads.

It is worth spending extra money on a pressure washer with a great pump and pump head as it will save you from heart ache when a cheaper and lighter pump cracks or breaks.

Standard Accessories

The accessories that come with the Nilfisk P150 are as follows;

  • Swivel coupling handgun with ergonomic trigger
  • Powerspeed nozzle with brass connections
  • Tornado PR nozzle with brass connections
  • 10 m Superflex steel reinforced high pressure hose
  • On-board 2.5 L detergent tank
  • On-board storage for hose and nozzles – tidy and safe
  • Trolley with large wheels and telescopic handle – for ease of movement

Final Thoughtsnilfisk logo pressure power washer uk ireland

If you’ve read our other Nilfisk reviews you know that we are big fans of this brand. The P150 pressure washer is very competitively priced as you get a quality pressure washer and a great brand name for your money.

We are happy to recommend this pressure washer to anyone that needs a heavy-duty domestic or a light commercial pressure washer.


The Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-tra pressure washer has a 90% satisfaction rating on Amazon from around 50 reviews. Here is what people are saying about the P150 2-10 X-tra.

  • “ideal for tradesman who need a good quality washer to clean anything put in its way”
  • “The Nilfisk 150 is fantastically efficient at the job cutting the time and effort”
  • “The built in soap solution bottle is very handy too. It’s a very well built machine”
  • ” If you were to buy a Karcher with similar specs this item carries, you would pay at least £600″
  • “impressive no-nonsense build quality. Everything feels sturdy and functional and works well”
  • “Water flow is variable and can be reduced for car washing where full flow could damage the paintwork”
  • “The best pressure washer I’ve ever had”

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